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UBF Koreans' Disrespect and Dismissal of American Missionaries

There is a previous thread regarding Joseph Ahn's lecture on Korea UBF between 1966-1977. However, the following excerpt is so disturbing that I decided to start a new thread about the total disregard and disrespect UBF Koreans have for American missionaries who gave their lives to preach the gospel in Korea.

Excerpt from Joseph Ahn's lecture

"In short, UBF history of Seoul pioneering was the history of the word of God. It was God who began his history in Korea through one person who loved his word with all his heart, soul and strength."

According to Ahn, God's history did not begin in Korea until Samuel Lee started UBF. Ahn dismisses the numerous American missionaries who gave their lives to preach the gospel in Korea.

History records that God was working greatly in Korea before Samuel Lee was even born.

Elizabeth Underwood wrote a book entitled "Challenged Identities: North American Missionaries In Korea, 1884-1934" A summary of the book can be found at The gospel was being preached in Korea well before Samuel Lee and Sarah Barry were even born.

This quote is taken from an article in the New York Times on November 1, 2004, written by Norimitsu Onishi and can be read for free at

"Roman Catholicism first came to the Korean Peninsula in the late 18th century, followed a century later by Protestant missionaries from the United States. Christianity failed to set firm roots in Japan and China, where 19th-century missionaries were seen as agents of Western imperialism. But it spread quickly on the Korean Peninsula, where American missionaries helped Korean nationalists fight against Japanese colonial rulers and informed the outside world of the brutalities of Japanese colonialism."

I am disgusted by UBF Koreans total dismissal of how God used Americans to preach the gospel in Korea. Even a mainstream newspaper acknowledges that American missionaries had success in preaching the gospel and helping Koreans fight against oppressive rulers. That an organization who considers themselves Christian would portray Korea as having no gospel preachers until one Korean man decided to start a church is an insult to God himself and to the men and women who gave their lives to preach the true gospel of Christ and not some man-centered, works-based, Confucianistic doctrine falsely portrayed as the gospel.
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