hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Brainwashing in only 6 months

I don't know how much you can read in the US about the recent suicide bomber attacks in London. What is striking is the fact that the 4 men were pretty normal British citizens, integrated in the society. There was no fanatism or anything extraordinary in their lives. Two of them liked cricket and football. One was a teacher for problematic children and engaged in charity work; his mother was even honored by the Queen. One was a silent family father. However, the 4 underwent a dramatic personality change after a 6months education (brainwashing) in Pakistan. Here you can see how effective brainwashing can be. I read the Al Qaeda now focused even more on brainwashing people "spiritually" (i.e. make them believe the absurd idea that if they become suicide bombers they do something good and will go to heaven). Formerly, they concentrated on giving the people military education. But now they recognized that it is much easier and effective to just brainwash them to become suicide bombers. In a thread on RSQUBF, some UBF members tried to convince us that brainwashing does not exist. But I start to understand that brainwashing is even more effective and easy than I ever believed. If you can make people believe in the absurd ideology of suicide bobing in 6 months, how much easier is it for UBF leaders to brainwash people in several years to believe in the at least somewhat plausible ideology of UBF?
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