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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
ICoC lawsuit related to coersive "giving" 
22nd-Jul-2005 02:22 pm
"Two former members of The Nashville Church (International Church of Christ) have filed a lawsuit claiming the church uses cultlike tactics, manipulation, peer pressure and guilt to force members into tithing and making other financial contributions."

Rest of the article is here.

We are familiar with the mentioned cultlike tactics, manipulation, peer pressure and guilt used in UBF to force members into tithing and offering beyond their means. I don't know how sympathetic the courts and a jury will be though.
22nd-Jul-2005 11:02 pm (UTC) - Claims in Suit Against ICOC Similar to Abuse in UBF
The following three excerpt from the article about the ICOC are amazingly similar to UBF.

"These contributions, which were solicited under the guises of 'contributions for the poor' and 'special missions contributions,' respectively, were instead treated by the defendants as 'unrestricted funds' and diverted by them for the personal (gain) and benefit of several high-ranking employees and officers of the defendant corporations," the lawsuit states.

UBF solicted funds for the Moscow Bible House and for Bangledesh that Samuel Lee did with as he pleased.

The Pelhams allege that The Nashville Church, the ICC, Hope Worldwide, and Central and South America World Sector jointly participated in a scheme to defraud church members, who are not allowed to inspect the church's financial records.

UBF conceals their records to prevent members from learning the true use of the world mission funds.

"This isn't the first time The Nashville Church and the ICC have been called a cult. The denomination has been characterized on national television shows as manipulative, hyper-authoritarian and intolerant of dissent. The church was banned from Vanderbilt University eight years ago for overzealous recruiting practices, which include approaching strangers to recruit them for religious reasons."

UBF has been banned from universities throughout the world. Of course, UBF and the ICOC claim they were persecuted.

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