hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Bombers come from cults of personality

Another article that I do agree with:
Bombers come from cults of personality

The last paragraphs are interesting:

Tourish talks about "confirmatory bias" - the tendency we have to see only evidence that supports our pre-existing beliefs. Included in the examples he cites are the beliefs among far rightists in the US that their government planned the Oklahoma bombing and among far leftists insisting that Bush organised the attack on the World Trade Centre. Similarly lunatic conspiracies are jamming my inbox in the aftermath of London. Blair did it!

Tourish recalls Pauline Hanson being interviewed about her fears of Asian immigration. When told she was wildly exaggerating the statistics, and shown the data, she simply said "I don't believe those figures", demonstrating that once people become habituated to the notion that any opinion is as good as any other, and can be untethered from empirical evidence ("post-modernism in action", says Tourish), then bias is given free reign.
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