September 13th, 2006

  • human12

Korean nationalism

There is a very good article that talks about Korean nationalism that can be easily discovered among UBF Korean missionaries.

Exerpt from the article:

"Currently, boundaries between the nation-state are rapidly deteriorating, and yet we still tend to be nationalistic and even chauvinistic. For example, in elementary schools, our children are being taught that Koreans are amazingly smart and uniquely homogeneous people and that Korea is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. These teachings are just wrong. Why not teach them to be proud of their country as it is, even though it's a small mountainous country with scarce natural resources? Why not teach them there are other peoples on earth who have different cultures and that we should peacefully coexist with them?"

In UBF students are taught that UBF is amazingly spiritual and UBF marriage by faith is the most beautiful tradition thanks to the most excellent servant of God, Dr. Samuel Lee. Many of UBF practices are based on Korean tradition rather than on sound biblical teaching.
  • tgifoz

Follow-up to ex-UBF-ers

Dear XUBFRs:

I have noticed recently that a few people have placed entries in the guestbook that have left UBF or have chosen to leave UBF because of RSQUBF, which is awesome. Several of the entries have asked for some form of communication. Is there a network of XUBFRs responsible for following up with these people, or is someone responsible within that network? I think it would be good if a few regular RSQUBF people volunteered to follow-up with those who have left or are wanting to leave. Can anyone give some advice on this matter? It is greatly appreciated.
  • human12

Tragedy in Canada

Today there was a very tragic event in Moreal, Canada. A man opened fire at Dawson College and 20 people were wounded. Please remember those who are hurt in your prayer. May they draw near to Jesus in this time of trial.

Incidentally, this tragic event occurred after UBF Korean missionaries in Canada had conference with a banner written in Korean. There is a UBF chapter in Montreal about 1 mile south east of Dawson College. What is more interesting is that the chapter director is Luke Hong! I think this Luke Hong is the same person who wrote the report about the UBF Korean missionaries conference with a picture on it that prominently features the banner in Korean! This is so strange.