June 20th, 2007

Dr. Ben's emails

Just thought I would share with you all a few emails exchanged between Dr.Ben and myself from a few months ago (click on comments to view them). The 1st paragraph is what I wrote yesterday when I forwarded these emails to many current UBF members.

Spiritual blindness

Thanks Amy for posting the email correspondence between you and Dr. Toh. I learned so many things that I never knew even though I was in UBF many years. Now I really regret that I supported UBF blindly. I thought I was serving God absolutely with no compromise and with no human thinking.

Dr. Ben Toh’s response clearly reveals the dangerous mindset that can really hurt innocent campus students using spiritual authority in the name of serving God. I would like to highlight a few points about the UBF mindset revealed in Dr. Ben Toh’ email.