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Some comments on "Sarah Barry's" article about UBF history.

"During the last two years, some members left UBF and formed another group."

Two big lies in this small sentence. It were not some members, but nearly half of the membership. Second, they did not leave on themselves, but were forced to leave (expelled). They wanted to stay and change UBF. This is a complete distortion of the facts.

"At this time God gave Dr. Samuel Lee a sense of problem and original insight concerning the times. He saw that the real problem was neither political nor economical. He saw that the real problem was the lack of true leaders."

So, he did not consider the problem to be spiritual, but lack of authority. That is how UBF started as an authoritarian movement.

"At the beginning, Dr. Lee ...  gave them many lectures on philosophy."

So UBF did not start with the Bible, but with philosophy. Interesting.

"They began to have a burning zeal to overcome their own fatalistic problems and start a new life. They gained a sense of pride ..."

That's what I always said. UBF started with national pride. That's why pride is so deeply rooted in UBF. UBF started with all kinds of unspiritual motivation. They never recognized or admitted that these motivation were unspiritual, but instead propagate them as something good. The Bible says: "
When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom."

"Those who graduated from college and got a job did not think of themselves as salary men but took pride in being shepherds of students. "

Again, pride.

"With this sense of mission and pride of being shepherds, we dedicated..."

And again.

"God did not call us to be ordinary people who does ordinary work. "

Pride and elitism.

"In 1976, a few shepherds caused a division and left our ministry. "

Again, distortion of history. Samuel Lee had caused the division and problems.

"In studying the Bible, testimony writing became another unique spiritual heritage to us. "

Another cultish element, another hallmark of thought reform. UBF weekly testimony writing serves to control members, create group pressure and uniformity, creates guilt feelings every week that helps in manipulating people, and corresponds with one of Lifton's criteria:

"Individuals are encouraged to confess past 'sins' (as defined by the group). This creates a tension between the person's actions and their stated belief that the action is bad, particularly if the statement is made publicly. The consistency principle thus leads the person to fully adopt the belief that the sin is bad and to distance themselves from repeating it.

Discussion of inner fears and anxieties, as well as confessing sins is exposing vulnerabilities and requires the person to place trust in the group and hence bond with them. When we bond with others, they become our friends, and we will tend to adopt their beliefs more easily.

This effect may be exaggerated with intense sessions where deep thoughts and feelings are regularly surfaced. This also has the effect of exhausting people, making them more open to suggestion."

The practice of sogam writing together with 1:1 relationships and hierarchical authoritarism ("true leaders") had set the stage for UBF to become a mind-control group, a cult that manipulates its members and corrupts its leaders.

"Especially, they believed that they must obey the world mission command that appears at the end of each gospel as Jesus’ last will."

Speaks of Jesus as if he had died. Jesus made perfectly clear what the highest command is, to which everything, including world mission, has to subordinate: The command to love each other. UBF thinks the world mission command is higher. I did not read anything about the highest command in the article.

"When Dr. Lee saw this, he gave me severe discipline because I had a one-to-two Bible study, not a one-to-one Bible study. That was our one-to-one spirit: that we must study the Bible one-to-one, not one-to-two."

Mr. Lee recognized that you can control and manipluate people effectively in 1:1 relationships. He was really the mastermind behind UBF.

"Whatever they did, they took great pride in becoming an ancestor or laying the foundation of work. "

And pride again. Pride is the root and heart of UBF.

"As the fruit of manger spirit, our ministry was inclined to raising up self-supporting lay shepherds and missionaries who had no religious position and power."

I would rather say, shepherds and missionaries who had no religious knowledge and qualification.

"Others gave us friendly advice, saying, “Since you are eager to study the Bible and serve the work of God, why don’t you enter a seminary and be a pastor? We are willing to help you to do that.” In spite of all these difficulties, we took great pride in being called shepherds."

Again, pride. "
For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks."

Have no knowlege or education? Doesn't matter. Be proud anyway.

"In this atmosphere, the UBF ancestors struggled furiously to overcome Korean fatalism, to learn the spirit of giving and to live the life of giving."

So they started to give money to Mr. Lee who piled it up on Chicago bank accounts. Another glorious idea by Mr. Lee.

"Dr. Samuel Lee went up to Mt. Mudeung, pulled the grass from its roots all night and repented with tears. ... From that day on, the movement of giving began."

Lee repented for not having earlier the idea do demand money from the students. From that day, the movement of giving money to Lee began.

"One day Dr. Samuel Lee visited the Daejun UBF center and took out the door of the Kwangju UBF center and loaded it to a truck in order to give it to Daejun UBF."

Mr. Lee was famous in giving things that did not belong to him, and being praised for being so "generous."

"We also used military terms such as ‘training,’ ‘battle,’ and ‘conquering’ frequently. There were many kinds of training: Daily Bread training, message training, testimony writing training, common life training;"

Why do they not mention "dead dog training", "sitting in ice-water training", "pulling toe-nails out training", "putting pepper in eye training", "standing in pants training" etc.?

"It was impossible to describe what we were doing without using these military terminologies."

One true sentence.

"each person gave up their dreams and possessions"

So the top leaders do not possess houses and everything? They gave up a little bit in Korea to gain much more in America. This is what many imigrants do.

"For the last two years our ministry experienced a painful division. Someone said, “Well, the time is changed. We have been persecuted a lot. ..."

The ministry "experienced" the division? Actually, Barry herself caused the division.  And of course, all criticism has been "persecution".

"If the UBF ancestors and we wanted to be the same with worldly people, ..."

Tthe reform movement is called an attempt to become "worldly people".

"Therefore, we must go back..."

The quintessence of everything. No reforms. No changes. Enforce all the bad UBF practices and teachings. UBF will never make a step forward. It will only go back.

Let these UBF apologists claim that UBF changes or wants to change. This articles speaks louder than these.

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