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the pattern of ubf among other Christian circles

Hi everyone,

I just read something about a government matter. The government of Australia is trying to get Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe in a criminal indictment before the Int. Criminal Court in the Hague. It would seem that it should be done easily, but it will probably never happen. There are several reasons, but the biggest one seems to be that since Zimbabwe has not signed on to the ICC, then it would take a unanimous decision by the UN Security Council to move agains this guy. But it probably won't happen since nobody, except Australia, is really willing to put an end to this mess. And that is why we have Kim Il Sung, and had Saddam, and Pol Pot and Idi Amin, etc.

I believe that the same thing happens when ubf rears its ugly head on the edges of normal Christianity. No legitimate Christian organizations feel they have a jurisdiction to move against the ubf and all the other ugly cults. Lutherans can only police Lutherans, Catholics can only police Catholics, etc. So ubf wants to look like they are a transparent group in the mainstream, but in reality they are nowhere near any involvement in the mainstream religious life.

So we are seeing again and again that when ubf wants to parade in semi-public, the Wheaton College, NAE, Watchman Fellowship, and now the Cornhouse group are all behaving in the same way. It will always continue this way. We are the only voice of truth in the matter. We are the only place for people to turn for the real story of ubf.

God bless.
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