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1985 letter to Lee/Barry from a concerned parent 
23rd-Sep-2005 11:08 pm
http://escape.exubf.org/outside_material/concernedparent1985.pdf is a 1985 letter sent to Lee/Barry by the father of a Chicago UBF recruit after his daughter underwent exit counselling. This father also happened to be a retired pastor.

See also the 1985 consultation report concerning UBF.
26th-Sep-2005 01:52 pm (UTC) - thanks for posting this

thanks for posting this letter. I vividly remember the time this young lady left. She had been a very high profile person as the singing solist during the Sunday meeting collection plate passing. And she went into the birhgter spotlight as EE Chang Woo was working on an arranged marriage between her and a guy she did not know from Columbus, OH. But when she left suddenly and permanently, nothing evermore was said about her.

I am always shocked at the low level of gutteral psychology that ubfins like Sara Bury use to mock the people who leave the ubfcult. Bury tried to reduce the lady's whole Christian life down to nothing more than seducing young men. I also heard this nasty story from my former ubfKorean at that time. Almost 20 years later I was finally told the truth that this young lady never misbehaved like the ubf leaders slandered her. I have since learned that she is a pastor's wife, and they have five children together.

The young lady who left was very kind, did not draw attention to herself, and was a natural blonde. This is totally the opposite of what I experienced in ubfarranged marriage. ubf would rather have a fake than the real thing.
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