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Moody beat ubf by 75 years 
26th-Sep-2005 12:55 pm

Recently a new member Human12 joined us. Human is going to the Moody Church, which was founded by DL Moody in 1864. Not content with just a single church. Moody also began a publishing company, international evangelistic journeys (there were no jet planes) and what later became the Moody Bible Institute. His wife Emma, came to Chicago to take care of some of the many thousands left homeless by the Chicago Fire. She was an educated woman, a teacher at Ill. State University. When she came to Chicago she also helped develop programs for Bible teaching, home Bible study, and visiting others at their homes. She believed God laid a burden on her heart for urban evangelism. "Take men that have the gifts and train them for the work of reaching the people." This was the beginning of the Moody Bible Institute.

MBI was developed in 1886 for the express purpose of training young people to be the intermediate servants between the laity and the ministers. The school developed a resident faculty, a standard curriculum, and a Practical Christian Ministries program. All the things that ubf claims but does not have (and never will have), DL Moody was working on them 75 years before ubf even began to break off from the Presbyterian church.

When ubf broke away from the Presbyterian church, EE Chang Woo was taking incredible pride in his attempt to establish 'an indigenous movement'. I believe this is the fatal moment in the ubf movement, when the ubf was cut off from the body of Christ and others (as the pastor in the letter noted). There is no proof that being indigenous would make ubf any better or more helpful to the gospel. But that is what EE Chang Woo wanted. He did not submit himself to the will of God or the Presbyterian church, he purposely went against God and the Pres. church to fulfill his proud desire to be the leader of 'an indigenous movement'. One that is built upon flawed teachings, flawed systems, no integrity, no honesty.
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27th-Sep-2005 06:13 pm (UTC) - this is a long story

This whole thing about the Pres. Mission and ubf blowing them off would make a long story by itself. I do have some info, it may or may not be verifiable.

First, ubf blew off the Pres. Mission. Second, both EE and Bury were receiving money from the Pres. Mission up to the very time they left for the USA, in 1975. (To me, this was extremely interesting as Ee always insisted he was supported solely by his own hands and even supporting the whole ubf.) Third, I have been told that Ms. Bury could not have been an ordained missionary as women were not ordained as missionaries at that time.

There are lots of things to check into, not many sources to check them with. I have some first hand knowledge, but have not been able to organize it yet.
27th-Sep-2005 06:46 pm (UTC) - Re: this is a long story
Hmmm ... ex-ubf beat me to the question regarding information on the split between the Presb. Mission and UBF. What you shared is very interesting. It appears from the very beginning, they were not honest.
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27th-Sep-2005 10:12 pm (UTC) - index makes scant refence to ubf
Thanks for the info. The index from the archives makes very little reference to ubf. In 68 boxes, there is one reference to the ubf in box 35, but ubf is just one of a number of entities. Somebody really needs to go down there and search thru the records.

There is also scant mention of Barry either. There is a long list of missionary correspondance (box 61), and Barry is not in there. I am pretty certain she was not a missionary in the context of what the Pres. Mission deemed a missionary. The list includes her contemporaries of John Folta and Dave Ross, but not Sara Bury.

I have a gut geeling that EE and Barry ran the ubf as a shadow operation, staying off the radar of the Pres. Mission. There are 68 boxes of papers from the Korean Mission, but hardly any info about the ubf. Still, EE and Barry figured out ways to exploit the mission for money and property. I have information that ubf took land and buildings from the Pres. Mission, as well as making use of their facilities whenever possible. And it is a fact that the Pres. Mission gave Barry a salary and gave her money to hire an assistant fulltime. EE and Barry may have also exploited the students by saying that the ubf events were Pres. Mission or Pres. Chruch events. I can see where they would do this to gain credibility from the students, and have a basis to demand money from the students. They may have been collecting money in the name of the Pres. Church but of course EE kept it all in his grasp.

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