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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Continuation of Fox Toledo News report discussion (5/5/05) 
1st-May-2005 11:48 pm
This is a continuation of the discussion on the April 28 Fox Toledo News story about UBF.

This email was received from a concerned relative of a Toledo UBF recruit:

From: ----- ------ <--------@------.--->
To: ------@-----------.---
Date: May 1, 2005 8:52 PM
Subject: Toledo Fox TV report

I am saddened that I was not able to see the TV report recently shown on the Fox Toledo News. I do not live in Toledo, but my dear nephew, ---, goes to the University there and has been involved with UBF going on three years and it has brought about a horrible change in his personality and lifestyle. I did read the brief piece that was posted on the Fox Toledo TV web site. It angered me that the U of T indicated that it has never received any complaints about UBF and their presence there! That is simply not true. I had contact with the campus chaplain and she said they have been watching Paul Hong and UBF for many years now and I was not the first to make a complaint of concern of their practices of recruiting students on campus! The Dean chose to ignore my pleas for help.

I can only hope that UBF can be exposed as what it truly is and that the Lord will open the eyes and mind of my nephew to see the misleadings and false teachings of the leaders of UBF before it is too late!

----- ------
4th-May-2005 09:09 pm (UTC)
Has anybody seen the TV report and can provide a transcript or a copy on VHS/DVD? I would like to add it to the ubf-info archive.
4th-May-2005 09:10 pm (UTC) - the video fo the report
Hi everybody,

Do we have any chance to get a video of the whole report posted somewhere on the web? Several people asked me about being able to watch it. They also made their own comments about why the ubfins were lying. They also felt that it is very hard for the reporters to know how to trap the ubfins when they are lying. The reporters just don't know well enough how these ubfins are operating. For example, the email posted here does not match what the dean said about no complaints at UT about ubf. I am very saddened that the Dean would lie for these people, but he did it to cover his own behind, and in doing so covered for the ubf behind. Pls. try to get the video placed somewhere somehow.

5th-May-2005 10:45 am (UTC) - Re: the video fo the report
The example of Toledo confirms that cult awareness is very low in the universities. There are several reasons for this:

1) It's not the business of the Deans. They care for scienctific matters, not for religious issues. They feel (and are) incompetent and thus don't want to deal with such issues.
2) If even Christian colleges like Wheaton are not able to deal appropriately with cults, what do you expect of secular universities?
3) It's always easier to ignore and overlook warnings instead of getting involved. This is not only true for the cult issue. The Deans and other responsible people simply don't want to get involved in anything.
4) Deans have their position only for a limited time, something like 4 years. Cults like Toledo UBF operate for a much longer time. They may not be informed about issues with the cult in the time of their predecessors.
5) The majority of university students and leaders has never experienced a cult from inside. They believe cults are so bizarre that you must be very stupid to join one, and that would be your own fault.
6) There is the mindset of "religious tolerance" and "political correctness." The idea is that every cult should be free to operate everywhere and it is discriminating to call it a cult.
7) There is the thought that university students should be smart, old and mature enough. We don't need to hold them by their hands and protect them against the "evil wolf."

You can see this very good in in this blog posting about the Feroze Golwalla cult in Wheaton college: "... I’d probably write something about who three college age kids who are supposedly smart enough to get into college should also be smart enough not to get involved with a cult where they were receiving daily beatings ..."

But I must also say that in this case Fox did a very bad job. They obviously did not bother to speak with the campus chaplain.
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