pecowas (pecowas) wrote in rsqubf,

When UBF leaders say that we had a choice . . .It's like having a gun to your head

When former UBF members accuse UBF leaders of forcing them to attend conferences, write and share testimonies, attend numerous meetings, have their marriage arranged, sell their property to a UBF leader, live in UBF housing, have X number of sheep per week, and submit to various types of training, UBF leaders argue that the choice was ours. They claim they never forced anyone to do anything. Many people who do not understand the dynamic of cults claim that members choose to participate in group activities. This argument misses the real issue; spiritual, emotional, and psychological control of people prevents people from having a choice just as much if not more than having physical control of people.

Example of Physical Control: A man point a gun to my head and demands all of my money. Therefore, I give him my money. When I report this to the police, they will not say, "You had a choice whether or not to give the man your money." The conclusion would be that I was forced to give my money to the man because he had a gun pointed at my head.

In UBF, leaders pointed a spiritual gun to our heads. They told us that if we did not have 1:1 sheep, we are lazy. They told us that if we missed a conference, testimony sharing, worship service, or meeting, that we were selfish and must put God first. They told us that if we did not submit to their training that we were proud and self-centered. They told us that if we failed to do these things, we were not producing fruit for God. They told us that UBF mission was God's calling for our lives and that those who leave UBF mission leave God's mission and abandon God. Further, if we are not producing fruit for God or leave God's mission and have abandoned God, then we must not be saved.

Thus, UBF leaders have no standing to argue that we had a choice. They held a gun to our heads and said that if you do not do what we are told, we are rejecting God's mission, abandoning God, and will be destined for eternity in Hell. What choice is there for one who believes that UBF is God's mission for their lives? Obey us or burn in Hell! We only had a choice after our spiritual eyes were opened to the truth that UBF is a cult that has been abusing us. Then, we could choose to leave and begin to be healed. When someone says that UBF never put a gun to our head, they are wrong. UBF put a gun to our head threatening that we abandon God and our salvation if we reject them. This forced us to obey them. Thank God that we now know UBF's gun only fires blanks.
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