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First, what was the cause of the split? Caleb Chung in Tae Gu has… 
14th-Oct-2005 02:17 pm
First, what was the cause of the split? Caleb Chung in Tae Gu has always been my brother with a different mother. He was always on my opponent’s side in his mind. In order to melt his heart, I bore with him for the last 30 years. But it didn’t work. He became the leader of rebellion.

The above excerpt is from 2001 New Year's address by Samuel lee. This particular message by samuel lee shows a lot about his personality and his intellectual and spiritual capacity. In the excerpt, he is trying to analyze the cause of the split in ubf organization. He argues that "Caleb Churng" is the first cause of the split because "he was always on my opponent's side in his mind." His argument is poor in the sense that he blames only one person for the big split in his organization instead of trying to address the issues that led to the split of his organization. He admits that Caleb Chung was alwasy on his opponent's side in his mind. From this premis he concludes that Calbe Chung was the main cause of the split. That is what makes his argument poor because it does not necessarily mean that opposing views lead to division.

If he knew that Caleb Chung was on his opponent's side, he should have deduced that the fact that Caleb Chung was on the opposite side should have contributed to the split. Then from that premise, he should have concluded that whatever had been making Caleb Chung stand on the opposite side could have been the real cause of the split.

It seems that he knew why Caleb Chung was on his opponent's side. He says that he tried to solve this issues by trying "to melt his heart, I bore with him for the last 30 years." He completely ignores any issues present between him and Caleb Chung. But instead he tried to "melt his heart." This shows a lot about his personality. If there is some real issue, maybe in his personality or in his organization, and a person objects it, he will try to solve the problem by melting the person's heart instead of trying to address the real issue itself. In other words, instead of trying to address the issue at hand, he would rather try to melt the person's heart so that the person would change his mind about the issue and finally admit that there is no real issue. In this way, he bore with "him" instead of "solving the issue." He thinks that he can solve a person's opposition by melting his heart without solving the real issue that has raised the opposition. Maybe this was the real cause of the ubf split.

Another point is that he thinks that any person who is on his opposite side is leading rebellion against him. How could one conclude that a person is leading rebellion just because he has a opposing opinion? Anyone who holds that kind of view clearly reveals flaws in his intellectual and spiritual capacity. How could samuel lee have implemented such doctrines in his organization with the one-to-one Bible study and strict "divine disciplines" among many college students? It could be very interesting topic to study to understand young college students. Coudl it be that young college students at the most vulnerable stage of their life seek some kind security through the this kind of doctrines?
18th-Oct-2005 04:47 pm (UTC) - this is how EE did everything

By analyzing the above words and actions of EE very closely, and then comparing them with the Bible (and with basic logic and common sense and decency) we can see that Mr. EE was not very Christian at this important moment. He did not handle the split situation as a Christian man would.

What I learned, after getting out of ubf and talking to many former members, was that Mr. EE did not behave in a Christian manner at any important time. When various people left or were expelled, when he handled money, when he lied, when he slandred others, when he demanded divorces and abortions and beatings, this man never displayed the behavior of even an immature Christian.

James Kim formerly of Toledo, who was deceived, betrayed, and then expelled by Mr. EE (and Paul Hong), once described EE's actoins as Machiavellian. to me, that really fits the behavior of Mr. EE. After learning so much about how bad and even ungoaldy this man's behavior was, I came to the conclusion that he was not a Christian. I came to the conclusion that he was a false apostle as described in II Corinthians 11. Mr. EE never carried out the duties in the manner of the Bible, he just did whatever he wanted, and I came to beleive he did it all for himself. I just think that the rest of them are no different than EE. They don't care about the ways of God or about any people at all. They jsut care aobut themselves, and they stick together to cover for each other. ubf is really the headquarters of false apostles.
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