human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

the original poor message

I think I have found the origianl poor message by Sam lee. It was based on John Chapter 4. I have serious doubt about the quality of his doctoral degree in literature.

These days, many people never talk about others' sin problem,
because they are afraid they would violate others' human rights. But
Jesus endured the pain of exposing her inner sin problem so that he
might, by any means, help her solve her sin problem. This seems to be
too harsh--and as if Jesus loved her no more. But in truth, it is
divine love: It is spiritual love which makes her solve her sin
problem. Her enemies were not her town's people. They were her sins in
her. Sin poisoned her. Sin tormented her day and night with no rest.
Finally, sin cut her love-relationship with God and men.

"Go, call your husband!" Humanly speaking, this was interference
with her private life. However, Jesus did not mind violating her human
rights to talk about her sin problem
in order to heal her sin-sick
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