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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Wash. UBF 11/6 message by John Jun 
7th-Nov-2005 11:15 pm (UTC)
"They are persecuted because they can’t spend as much time with family and friends."

That's one of UBF's blatant wrong teachings. They say as soon as you are a Christian, you cannot spend time with family and friends. But I say, if you are a Christian, whom will you try to evangelize first? Not only with words, but also by showing your changed character? Of course, family and friends! So you need to spend a lot time with them. Who is more important for you to win over for God, your family and friends or some students whom you are told to fish whom you don't even know?

It's ok if Christians do not spend ALL their time with parents and friends. It's ok to not partake in ungodly activities with parents and friends. But it is NOT ok to turn away from parents and friends as soon as you have become a Christian!

The real reason why UBF does not want people to spend time with parents and friends is very simple: UBF is a mind control group, and mind control works best when the people always stay in the group and have as little contact with outsiders as possible. It is the 1st of Lifton's criteria for thought reform. He called it "milieu control." Milieu control is the real reason why UBF missionaries preach this garbage.

I believe that if every Christian would have sincerly tried to win over his family and friends for Christ, the world would have been probably completely evangelized already.
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