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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Castles In The Air 
13th-Nov-2005 09:12 am
Here is an extremely helpful article by a sincere ICC member titled

Castles In The Air

It is a bit long, but it is in PDF format, so you probably better print it out before reading.

Also, I think it is a great starting point for UBF members.

If any UBF member is reading here, PLEASE, sincerely read this article.

If you know UBF members, give them that article.

Since it does not challenge any persons but a system with a different
name, UBF members will not have so big problems reading it. Also, the
article is written in a very humble and non-aggressive or arrogant way.
The article tackles some basic fallacies of the UBF such as "we don't
interpret the Bible, but simply obey."
13th-Nov-2005 09:44 pm (UTC)
A good critique on the methodology currently used in many Bible studies. I think the author examimes it critically from pages 13 trhough 25. I want to suggest that anyone read this portion of the paper if he/she does not have enough time to read the whole paper. But anyone who reads it must also critically evaluate his points instead of taking them as they are. I think the author has many valid points.
14th-Nov-2005 07:38 pm (UTC) - ICC vs. ubf

I read quite a bit of the above article. The dynamics of both the ICC and the ubf are quite similar to a large degree: the bad hermeneutics that lead to false teachings, the wrong motives, the pressures, the leadership beyond reproach.

I think the ubf has such a distinct Korean flavor to it all. I didn't think the ubf used much Bible 'proof' to support their wrong positions, esp. in the area of unreproachable leaders and recruit submission. ubf relies heavily on the Confucian basis for recruit submission; any Bible proofs are just added as window dressing. I just don't remember any ubfKorean going beyond one abitrary verse from the Bible to justify their demands on a sheep. (For example, one time a recruit did not want to re-arrange his whole schedule for one small, stupid ubf meeting. Then the ubfKorean woman came back with 'Abraham could not be a blessing if he did not obey God'. It was so nonsensical, but what she really did was raise her voice and make a scene in front of others, and that was the real means of 'proof' tp make this young man obey. What nice young man wants some old woman yelling at him in front of other? The reality was this woman did not want her one recruit to ditch the meeting, leaving her as a no-sheep missionary for all to see. He left soon after this anyway.

Also, I think the author did not take the criticism of the leaders to the level where it should be. If leaders insist they are the pillars of God's church on earth, in essence they proclaim to be more spiritual than all others. So when they sin, there should not be a reduction in consequences, there should be more profound consequences. It appears we have a total avoidance of consequence for their sins in the leaders of both groups. He mentioned that we should love our enemies, but he did not debate whether their actions made them false teachers who not to be treated like the pagan or the Gentile, but who are to be harshly rebuked. IMHO, this is overlooked in this article.

Anyway, this is a great expose of lots of the problems, and every problem literally can apply to ubf, but ubf has more problems than mentioned in the article, tho it is 239 pages long. The article did not deal with any of the damages and trauma caused to recruits by the bad actions of the leaders and the bad dynamics of the group. For ubf, that subject could easily fill another 200 pages. And the elaborate deceptions at ubf could fill another 200 pages.

I think I would have been much less miserable in the ICC as opposed to ubf. I am glad to not have anything to do with either of them.
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