hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF and Bible languages

I suddenly thought about two questions that I think haven’t been discussed so far:

First, UBFers (leaders, shepherds, missionaries) unwillingness to learn the Biblical languages. How does this go together? They claim to be “Bible teachers” for intellectual students. Yet they refuse learning the Biblical languages. Every UBF member says he/she loves Jesus and wants to give his/her whole life for “Bible study” and teaching students the Bible. Yet they refuse learning even a little bit of the original languages of the Bible, spoken by Jesus himself.

We all admit that not every Christian needs to be an expert in Greek and Hebrew. But of those who claim to be Bible teachers and want to give their whole lives for teaching the Bible should have at least some interest in these languages, shouldn’t they? Just think of Martin Luther. His whole life would be unthinkable if he didn’t knew the languages. They were the clue for his translation and understanding of the Bible. (He wouldn’t have needed to study them, the Latin Bible already existed and he understood Latin well enough, but nevertheless he studied the languages!) Or shouldn’t at least SOME people in such a University Bible group study at lease SOME of the principles of the languages? But the fact is that literally NOBODY in UBF cares for the languages to ANY extent. They take so much time for their “Bible study,” wouldn’t be a little bit invested in learning the languages of the Bible be helpful? Even if it would help only a little bit, wouldn’t it be worthwhile? Remember that they (claim to!) believe that the Bible is God’s word more firmly than other Christian and that they claim to be “God’s servants” and interpreters of God’s word for other people much more firmly than any other Christian leader. But they don’t even know the languages the Bible was written in.

For instance, my chapter leader didn't work at all in the last years. His only job during the week was to write the Sunday sermon, and he claimed he took it so seriously. Still he didn't even strive to learn the languages, though he had so much time. He had so much time that he would regularly read the (Korean) newspapers in his office room. But he did not even have a book about the Bible languages in his office.

Why is there this unwillingness and disinterest towards the Biblical languages? I have some ideas, but I would like to open the discussion first. It may help us to understand the mind of UBFers a little bit better.
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