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UBF's reading out prepared messages 
17th-Nov-2005 09:44 am
Second, I thought about why UBF of all Christian or other religious groups is the only one that writes down their messages word for word before reading them out word for word?

Of course, not everybody is as well in preaching "free-handed". But I haven't seen any pastor who would completely prepare his message in advance and read it word for word.

This is again such a stark contrast. They claim to be not only "Bible teachers" but also "Bible preachers," and we know their obsession with "message training." They do a lot of bewildering things for message training, even posing in front of cameras to improve their outward impression or training in front of walls to improve their loudness. Yet, nobody ever tries to improve his ability to speek more freely. Quite to the contrary, speaking freely seems to be even regarded as somewhat "unspiritual" in UBF.

Some manage to preach their message without visibly reading from a paper, but still it is the message on the paper, word for word, that is later handed out. (Most do not manage to learn it by heart since the messages are changed by the leaders as part of the message training until the last minute, to make them fit better to UBF and to humiliate the messenger.)

Again, they don't even strive to learn speaking more freely. My chapter leader, for instance, preached for about 20 years in our chapters. From the first day to the last, he always followed the same pattern: Preparing pretty exactly 6 pages in written during the week and reading them out on Sunday. (These pages were considered so holy that many were kept busy typing and correcting them in the computer, and they were xerox copied and haded out to everybody.) He did not improve a iota in this 20 years (even his bad pronounciation did not seem to improve).

And the bewildering thing is that he was not the excemption: Everybody is expected to follow this same strange pattern. Why is that?
17th-Nov-2005 04:57 pm (UTC)
Quite to the contrary, speaking freely seems to be even regarded as somewhat "unspiritual" in UBF.

In UBF it seems that whether a person is spiritual or unspiritual is determened by how closely the person obeys Mr. Samuel Lee's doctrines and directions. Other UBF leaders were trained and indoctrinated that way for a very long time. They probably do not know what they are doing is right or wrong. What matters to them most is whether or not they exactly follow Mr. Lee's doctrines and practices. If you ask them, "why is this so?", they will probabley say, "This is what Mr. Lee said or did." They were not trained to become an independent thinker but to depend on Mr. Lee for everythig. Even though they might have felt the need to change or to study Hebrews or Latin, it could have been simply overruled by Mr. Lee's saying that doing so is unspiritual. I remember one Korean leader telling me that I should devote more time memorizing Mr. Lee's message than studying Latin. You cannot do a lot of things in UBF other than memorizing Mr. Samuel Lee's flawed messages. If you try, you become unspiritual man in danger of being punished by God.

Mr. Lee's philosophy was, as we've seen in his flawed messages, that it is ok to harm others for the sake of doing good for them. He thought that it was ok to kill the independent thinking to help them serve world mission. Everything he did in UBF, he did it in the name of world mission. Everything he did in UBF, he did it in the name of the Bible study. How could one force another person to walk 25 miles on bare foot? It is possible if you put first before him the Bible study or divine discipline and convince the person you must do so. So it becomes very difficutlt to go against what he did and preached because everything is done in the name of world mission or the Bible study. You put the world mission and the Bible study first. Then anyone who goes against it seems to be unspiritual.

Some time ago, there was a movie called, "A few good man". In the movie, the general murdered one soldier in the name of serving the army and his country. He thought he was the only one who knew better than any ohter about how to serve the army and the country. In reality such things still happen in many places including even churches. It is simply the result of bad reasoning following bad logic. UBF is the similar case. Mr. Lee might not have murdered anyone in UBF but he murdered the independent thinking in UBF in the name of the world mission and in the name of the Bible study, which I think amounts to the same as murdering a soul in a person. It should be an essential part of studying the Bible to learn Bible languages.
18th-Nov-2005 12:36 am (UTC)
For family honor, she had to die This is a very interesting story from Chicago Tribune. Many issues related to this story could be discussed in the same framework of justifying doing evil for the sake of doing good.
20th-Nov-2005 11:51 am (UTC)
I noted that there's always extremes.
The strange thing is that in the LC cult, you were expected to "speak freely", but following an outline. It is the same thing. That is just how indoctrination works: you keep your thought patterns in a box all the time, not letting them stray left or right.

By reading a message down line by line from front to the end, you also do not give the audience a chance to let the mind wander, much rather, you force them to follow the "straight" (I would mean, the interpretation of UBF is very crooked but I need the analogy) line you have prepared beforehand. No time to deviate, no time to ask a question, no time to think because the next "point" is already coming etc...

In spiritual terms, I would state it like this: "You put the Holy Spirit in a prison with no chance to escape into the hearts of the audience."

Honestly, I believe that those prepared messages are limiting the Holy Spirit, in order to make sure a conversion isn't at the mercy of our Lord Saviour, but in the hands of the UBF leaders. Nobody can claim that anything happening in UBF wasn't at the whim of a UBF leader, that's how their system works. And because of that, in UBF you arent saved towards Jesus but enslaved towards your local director.
21st-Nov-2005 07:57 pm (UTC)
That is a great analogy; I never thought of it like that. I would also add that the messenger (if he is not writing his own message) is encouraged to learn the spirit and style of the message writer (ie. samuel Lee, Sarah Berry, Ron Ward, etc.) instead of learning to depend on the Holy Spirit in developing and delivering his own messages.
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