hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF's reading out prepared messages

Second, I thought about why UBF of all Christian or other religious groups is the only one that writes down their messages word for word before reading them out word for word?

Of course, not everybody is as well in preaching "free-handed". But I haven't seen any pastor who would completely prepare his message in advance and read it word for word.

This is again such a stark contrast. They claim to be not only "Bible teachers" but also "Bible preachers," and we know their obsession with "message training." They do a lot of bewildering things for message training, even posing in front of cameras to improve their outward impression or training in front of walls to improve their loudness. Yet, nobody ever tries to improve his ability to speek more freely. Quite to the contrary, speaking freely seems to be even regarded as somewhat "unspiritual" in UBF.

Some manage to preach their message without visibly reading from a paper, but still it is the message on the paper, word for word, that is later handed out. (Most do not manage to learn it by heart since the messages are changed by the leaders as part of the message training until the last minute, to make them fit better to UBF and to humiliate the messenger.)

Again, they don't even strive to learn speaking more freely. My chapter leader, for instance, preached for about 20 years in our chapters. From the first day to the last, he always followed the same pattern: Preparing pretty exactly 6 pages in written during the week and reading them out on Sunday. (These pages were considered so holy that many were kept busy typing and correcting them in the computer, and they were xerox copied and haded out to everybody.) He did not improve a iota in this 20 years (even his bad pronounciation did not seem to improve).

And the bewildering thing is that he was not the excemption: Everybody is expected to follow this same strange pattern. Why is that?
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