nick__t (nick__t) wrote in rsqubf,

the ubf reconciliation problem

Hi everyone,

I put this post here because the last one seemed to be getting too large. My only thought on ubf/NAE reconciliation is that all the problems of ubf revolve around the leadership. The leadership is made up entirely of dishonest and unethical people. They are into lying, deceiving, diversion of offering money, love of power. This is the state of the leaders' rotten personal character, each and every ubf leader is like this.

The second main leader-centric problem at ubf is that each of the leaders is not qualified to be a church leader. A genuine Christian pastor has to at least go to a Bible college for four years, and complete a well rounded study of the Bible and Christian doctrines. On the other hand, ubf is overrun with people who did nothing but play ubf for many years. None of them can even be considered Bible educated. None of them could survive a four year program at a real Bible college or seminary. The best they have done is to get some mail order diplomas using plagiarized manuscripts.

I think ubf is a cult solely because of the corrupt and unqualified leaders. Because they are corrupt and unqualified, they have no spiritual gifts at their disposal. In turn, they resort to mind control, deception, negative psychology, all kinds of abuse, etc.

Anyway, NAE has not done itself any favors by softening its stance toward the ubf. ubf has not changed. ubf has merely re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
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