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Still Honest To God

Probably many of us have read the famous open letter "Honest to God" by Henry Kriete about the problems of the ICOC. In the following, many members and local ICOC churches repented. When the hole building started to collapse and children of the top leader Kip McKean left (something that he had prophesized would never hapen), Kip McKean and the 2nd level leadership wrote "apologies". However, time has shown these apologies were half-hearted, pragmatic attempts to appease the members and keep the status quo. There was no real repentence by the top leadership. Now, after some time has passed, the top leaders are trying to gain power again. And Henry Kriete is blamed for having caused all the problems. Some people even wrote to Henry Kriete and asked him to "apologize" for his letters. Here is his Henry's answer to these charges:


I think this is again a very helpful reading for current and former UBF members.

Some abbreviations used:

ICOC = International Church of God
H2G = "Honest to God" (Henry Kriete's open letter)
RR = "Revolution through Restoration" (Kip McKeans "apology")
WSL = "world sector leader" (like a national director in UBF)
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