human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

Bonn report

I was reading the Bonn thanksgiving report and had to make some comments on the following.

12 years of intensive Bible study by Mr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Paul Koh shared a heart moving lecture about Dr. Lee’s spiritual legacy based on his personal experiences with key verse Psalm 1:1,2. The spiritual legacy of Dr. Samuel Lee is so great and many that it could be written in several books. Among them, Dr. Paul Koh testified two special points very deeply. First, intensive bible study; second, burning shepherd’s heart. Dr. Samuel Lee studied the bible deeply starting from writing the daily bread. For 12 years he wrote daily bread for 4 hours everyday. He read through the whole bible every year, reading the bible wherever he went. 12 years of intensive bible study became the foundation of Seoul pioneering ministry, Bible Korea, and World Mission. He overcame hardship and persecution through the bible study and helped shepherd and sheep, who were in hardships.
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