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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
UBF providing relief to the Sudan ... 
3rd-Dec-2005 07:55 pm
... by building a Sudan UBF "Bible House." Oy vey. See point 7.
4th-Dec-2005 04:57 am (UTC)
Maybe they should be commended for increasing their relief offerings in recent years after Sam Lee's death. Of course, this came after even their own members got tired of UBF's stinginess with Sam Lee controlling the offering funds. However, a great majority of their relief has gone to N. Korea with a seeming ulterior motive of it possibly "opening the door" to their "pioneering" work there. Most--if not all--these relief offerings and "real estate" offerings are squeezed from the core membership in compulsory "special" offerings and compulsory Christmas offerings, though UBF has money to spare. They do no real work with the poor locally. And they are seemingly so intensely interested in real estate. Their real estate spending probably outstrips their relief giving.
4th-Dec-2005 01:49 pm (UTC)
UBF is also great in creating euphemisms and (ab)using language for their purpose. The word "Bible house" is another typical UBFism. I think nobody else uses such a word (except maybe for special purposes, but not for a church building).

They do not buy a "UBF house", but a "Bible house." That immediately sounds much better and spiritual, and distracts from the problem that this "laymen" organization and "manger ministry" continues to increase its wealth in form of real estate property.

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