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John Jun's poor message 
4th-Dec-2005 07:52 pm
John Jun’s questionable interpretation

How did Jesus look at this? Look at verses 2 and 3. "Jesus answered, 'Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.'" Jesus answered that those Galileans received punishment because of their sins. At the same time, he denied that those who did not receive the punishment were less sinners. In fact, he told them that unless they repented, they too would all perish. Jesus said that this is God's warning and a yellow card to all people on earth.
6th-Dec-2005 12:00 am (UTC) - Re: conclusion
Absolute power of a pastor in Korea

It seems that enforcing the absolute obedience to a church leader is not the unique feature of UBF. According to the article from one of the leading Korean newspapers, the absolute obedience to a church leader seems to be the unique feature of many Korean churches.

The article says that Pastor Jun runs an organization that helps other Korean pastors with church administration. Near the end of the article, it says that Pastor Jun told his audiences in a conference that a pastor must implement the absolute authority in his church. Using his example he brags that more than 70% of his church members are ready to die for him. He brags about his absolute power over them with this example. He shows them only one finger and says, “I see five fingers.” Then all of his church members will agree with him and say, “Yes you are right. We also see five fingers too.” He says that all his church members do not have their own opinions. His opinion on everything is accepted as their own opinion. He says that a pastor must become God to his church members. The main focus of a pastor’s ministry must be making a church member his own devotee. He says that one way to find out whether or not a female member has become his own devotee is to ask her to take off her underware, not because he has any evil intention but just to find out if she obeys him. If she obeys, then she has become his real follower. If she doesn’t obey, she is nothing! Everyone in the audience exclaimed “Amen!” at this.

I never knew this was practiced in any Korean church until now! The main focus of a pastor’s ministry must be making a church member his own devotee. Isn’t this what Mr. Samuel Lee, Peter Chang, John Jun are trying to do? It is not surprising that all UBF messages written by them are trash. The main focus of their messages is to make their members worshipers of their UBF system but not worshipers of God.
6th-Dec-2005 04:15 am (UTC) - Re: conclusion
A few questions arise in my head regarding this article. (Sorry, my Korean is less than minimal at this point.) What's the tone of this newspaper article? Is the article meant to be an expose of a cult(ish) leader or just reporting? Is this Pastor Jun considered a cult leader by the "mainstream" Korean churches with his obviously cultic ideas? How wide is his influence among them?
6th-Dec-2005 05:58 am (UTC) - Re: conclusion
I am sorry but I don't seem to be able to find any good information in English about his ministry. The pastor’s name is Jun, Kwang-Hun or something like that. He says that the puritan spirit was what has made the United States the only superpower nation. That is why he preaches that we need new spiritual leaders trained based on the new puritan spirit. He says that we need especially spiritual leaders, trained and prepared leaders. His organization is called New Puritan Spirituality Training Center. Their programs look very similar to UBF programs. I wonder if the pastor had any previous association with UBF movement. He sounds very like UBF. He seems to be very popular among many Korean pastors. He seems to have spiritual charisma. I think many Korean people like charismatic leaders. I don’t know why. Many charismatic Korean leaders did more damage than good through Korean history. But the news article is very critical of him. It doesn't seem to picture him as a cult leader. But it says that the conference was not like any normal Christian conference. It also seems to criticize the outrageousness of Korean Christianlity as a whole.

The news article also talks about how Korean senior pastors abuse their assistant pastors by treating them like their slaves making them run all kinds of errands for them and their wives. It also talks about the power of “microphone”. Since a senior pastor has the monopoly of the church microphone to deliver messages every Sunday, he has the power to control church opinions. It is like a dictator’s controlling a country by controlling news media. If he doesn’t like something about anyone, he pictures the person negatively during his message. Since he is the senior pastor, most church members believe whatever he says during his message. So the senior has the power to make anyone a spiritual criminal in the church. In this way, he controls anyone including assistant pastors so that they may obey him.
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