hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Power corrupts

I think it is a very interesting observation that our last two chancellors, Kohl and Schroeder, both showed a pretty immoral behavior at the end of their career. Kohl stumbled over a "black money" affair. Schroeder now got an extremely well-payed job from Gazprom as gratification from the undemocratic Russian president Putin who had been supported by Schroeder against the advice of many politicians in Germany. His step is in many regards unethical, even worse than what Kohl did, though probably legally ok. (Contrary to Kohl, Schroeder was not a Christian and refused swearing on the Bible.) Anyway, both failed. Schroeder always pretended to be the "social democrat" i.e. a friend of the poor working people, now he seems to be interested only in money. It is a shame for all of Germany. Not only Koreans seem to have problems with ethical behavior. Why does a man like Schroeder need to do such things? He has enough money and reputation already to be lucky, why does he need more money? I think the answer is that "power corrupts" and that's really true. It usually does not make people ethically stronger, but corrupts trem. We saw the same in the UBF.

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