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Real cults and UBF

In the last time I was reading some background info on the "Sri Chinmoy" cult and testimonies from dropouts. The cult is somewhat similar to Bhagwan (Osho) or Hare Krishna, with some elements of the Dalai Llama and Moon. Chinmoy has his own villa ("temple") here in Heidelberg, and recently gave "peace concerts" here in Heidelberg. I often see his followers (called "disciples") and the Krishnas ("devotees") selling books in the street of Heidelberg. He also organized "peace marathons" and tries to give the impression that he is the official representative for meditation and peace of the UNO. I can also see some parallels of his personality and methods in Peter Chang of Bonn UBF. (He buys expensive houses from the money of his followers, uses front groups and concerts, lets people worship himself, gives people new names etc.)

One point I noticed was that they call him (i.e. he teaches them to call him) "guru". That is, only "guru", without any definite or indefinite article ("guru said this" or "guru did that") (please read the english round letters here (!!): http://www.agpf.de/Chinmoy-Tempel-Heidelberg.htm). That sounds very strange in English and German language, but I think the reason is simple: This makes him more god-like. "God" has also no article in His name. I saw something similar in the Moon cult. They also call the cult leader Moon only "father". Not "the father" or "our father", but simply "father." I think the intention is the same: "Father" is something so special that he does not need an article, he is like God. Cult leaders know very well how to use language to effectively manipulate people.

I think Peter Chang in Bonn does the same when he claims the name "the servant of God." Any humble church leader would use the infedinite article and call himself "a servant of God", only Chang uses the definite article "the servant of God." But I learned that real cult leaders go one step further, they use no article at all. Even as a cult, UBF is only mediocre. UBF is not only a failure as a church, but also as a cult. They are bad copies of Moon, Sri Chinmoy and all the real cult leaders.
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