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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
I Do Not Want UBFs Phony Apologies 
21st-Dec-2005 08:34 pm
With UBFs recent attempts to be accepted back into the NAE, there has been discussion of UBF needing to make a formal apology to those they have abused. At this point, I do not beleive that UBF is sincerely sorry for what they have done. Therefore, for any UBF leader or member reading this site, I would to write clearly that I do not want your phony apology. If you are not really sorry, than do not waste my time attempting to apologize.

In my last year in UBF, my director attempted to placate me by plying me with phony apologies regarding the human-centered humbleness training imposed upon me. He would say that he was sorry the training failed, but then he would add that the training failed because I was "not ready" to be trained. In other words, I was too immature to receive the training and thus it was my fault that the training failed. Further, he implied that I would need to accept the humbleness training in the future. Another time, he said that he was sorry about trying to train me, but that if I had accepted the training, there would not have been a problem. Again, he puts the blame on me. The training did not work, because I would not accept it. These phony attempts at apologizing were a waste of time.

Ultimately, my director and his wife showed their true viewpoint. My director said that I was "worshipping my own Christ" because I would not obey him. This horrible lie was what God used to open my eyes that I must leave UBF.

About one week after I left UBF, my former director and his wife came to visit me. During this visit, I mentioned that one problem I had was that they never apologized for the training they imposed on me and the numerous times they mistreated me. They responded that they had nothing for which to apologize. They said they had "no regrets" about the way they treated me.

In conclusion, UBF leaders who give lipservice to reconciling or coming together or wanting to be forgiven, can save their phony apologies. I have heard them before and do not need or want to hear them again.
22nd-Dec-2005 09:13 pm (UTC) - the result of being a cult recruit
I agree with Pecowas 100%. The training part is a big reason for them to apologize, but these people have never given a genuine apology to anyone for anything. They only consider others as objects to be used and exploited for their own purposes.

I read this article about the Scientologists trying to win over people in a remote place in California.


The part that disturbed me is the old couple, who began to change their view about Scientology when they started to get some benefit from them. The food baskets, the new place to live, somebody to pack their things for them, etc. They were glad that they seemed to get something for nothing, that they were treated as important tho they were not. They did not think about the young recruits who forfeited all their time and energy doing the work. The recruits on the other hand got to be used like slaves to further the casue of Scientology.

When we were recruited to ubf, we were used by these sick ubf leaders to try to advance their cause. Not just the cause of ubf, but esp. the narcissistic cause of the leader himself. We were there to stroke their egos, to make them feel important, to swell their proud minds and put money in their pockets. Thsi is what they demanded from us, but used the Bible to cover up their real intentions. They couldn't care less if we recive eternal life or punishment.

Once we decided not to be used by them, in the ways they insisted, we were treated like the scum of the earth. In reality, the ubf leaders are the scum of the earth. They owe us lots more than apologies, but they will never ever apologize or repay us. When we look back, we can see the ubf leaders did nothing for us, it was us who did everything for them. There can never be a genuine apology from them unless those people literall admit they have been wolves in sheeps clothing. It just aint gonna happen.

Being a cult recruit is a terrible position in life. Maybe we can make a new anti ubf awareness campaign about the immense negatives about being a cult recruit?
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