human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

Fabrication of theology by Mr. Samuel Lee

Fabrication of theology based on personal opinion

This is an excerpt of Mr. Samuel Lee’s message on Matthew 21:1-11

...The leader was unhappy about them and did not bless them. Then soon one of the doctors, who was an anesthesiologist, overdosed a patient for an operation and the patient died. So he lost his medical doctor’s license. Now he is running a grocery store very poorly. Another one, influenced by American relativism, cursed the servant of God. Then he left UBF. After several years, he was in a severe car accident. His body was totally crushed and his hands and feet were paralyzed. The third one got a proper job. But he has rheumatism in his right leg and in his left hand. He suffers day and night. All these events happened when they took God’s word lightly. This is to say that when we obey God’s word, God blesses us; when we disobey, God does not bless us...

I just wanted to consider the structure of Mr. Lee's reasoning a little bit this time.
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