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Fabrication of theology by Mr. Samuel Lee 
22nd-Dec-2005 11:01 pm
Fabrication of theology based on personal opinion

This is an excerpt of Mr. Samuel Lee’s message on Matthew 21:1-11

...The leader was unhappy about them and did not bless them. Then soon one of the doctors, who was an anesthesiologist, overdosed a patient for an operation and the patient died. So he lost his medical doctor’s license. Now he is running a grocery store very poorly. Another one, influenced by American relativism, cursed the servant of God. Then he left UBF. After several years, he was in a severe car accident. His body was totally crushed and his hands and feet were paralyzed. The third one got a proper job. But he has rheumatism in his right leg and in his left hand. He suffers day and night. All these events happened when they took God’s word lightly. This is to say that when we obey God’s word, God blesses us; when we disobey, God does not bless us...

I just wanted to consider the structure of Mr. Lee's reasoning a little bit this time.
23rd-Dec-2005 12:05 pm (UTC)
You are right, this passage is full of "indirect" teachings. They are indirect, because you have to "conclude" them from the story. Nevertheless they are very clear from the makeup and order of the sentences. These teachings are:

* Samuel Lee has to be considered as “the leader.”
* You need the blessing of the leader. If the leader does not bless you, your life will go awry. You may experience a terrible accident or sink into poverty. In any way, you will suffer awfully. This may happen immediately or only after years.
* The leader will bless you if he is happy about you. If he is not happy about you, he will not bless you. So you better do everything to make the leader happy.
* God’s blessing upon you happens through the leader.
* The leader’s word is God’s word.
* You need to obey the leader as you would obey God.
* You need to take his words very seriously. Try to read his mind to make sure you completely obey him and make him happy. Don’t take his words lightly.
* The leader won’t bless you if you do not obey him.
* etc.

All of these are typical teachings of cult leaders.

Be aware that these teachings never are spoken out or written down directly. If they would write these teachings in direct form

"I, Samuel Lee am the leader. My word has to be equated by God's word. I will curse you if you don't obey. etc."

then it would be too obvious he is a cult leader and something is wrong.

No, cults never teach directly. They don't even want you to be aware in your reasoning that there is a "teaching" or a "rule". Instead, they want to implant these teachings in your subconscious mind. That's why he does not try to "prove" these rules or back them up with theological arguments or concrete reality check or anything (note the names of these people are not given and most of the story is pure fiction). They need no proof because these stories are not intended for your ratio, but for your subconscious. People are kept in cults by perpetual subliminal fear that something goes wrong if they leave. But they shall not be aware of this fear in their ratio. Cult people are driven by emotions, fears, the subconscious, affections etc. but not by sound reasoning and they learn that reasoning is bad anyway.

The same is true for all "rules" of cults. Books about spiritual abuse stress call them "unspoken rules" because they are alway taught indirectly and never spoken out directly and clearly - because as soon as you do this you will recognize how ridiculous, legalistic or superstitious they are.

That's why it is also very difficult to reveal cults as cults, because these teachings are never propagated officially in writing. Here, you will find a nice orthodox statement of faith instead and no mention of these other hidden teachings and rules.
23rd-Dec-2005 02:48 pm (UTC)
We see the similar structure of reasoning in this 2001 New Year Address by Mr. Lee.

Since I left Korea, I visited Korea every year and visited each chapter. Each time I went to Korea, so many missionaries were sent. When I talked about Russian pioneering while the Soviet Union was still behind the Iron Curtain, students responded and smuggled themselves into Russia through Hungary UBF. And Russian UBF was started as soon as Gorbachev opened the gate to Russia. In 1985, at the Korean World Mission Report, we prayed to pioneer the Soviet Union within ten years, by 1995. God opened the door to Russia five years earlier. So we could have the first conference in 1990 in St. Petersburg.

He claims that he was the one who had the vision of pioneering Russia. Then when he and UBF people began to pray, miraculously Gorbachev opened the gate to Russia. In many meetings, I heard him credit himself for breakdown of Communism in Russia. He visited Moscow and prayed for Russian people. Then five years later God opened the door to Russia. Here again he turns a temporal connection into a causal connection. His visit to Moscow and his prayer caused the collapse of Russian communism.

His claim is true if all the blood of Russian Christians since the Russian Revolution had less value than his one time visit to Moscow. His claim is true if all the prayers of Russian Christians and of any Christians in the world who prayed for the spiritual liberation of Russian people were less earnest than his and UBF people’s prayer. His claim is true if there was no political effort by world leaders to bring peace in the world since the Russian Revolution. His claim is true if no Christian leaders or pastors except him ever visited Moscow before him to prayer for suffering Russian people. His claim is true if there was no organized effort by Christians in the world to encourage and support the suffering Russian people especially the Russian Christians before he and UBF people started to have the vision to pioneer Russia. His claim is true if God disregarded all these efforts but his one time visit to Moscow.

At this point we cannot but raise serious doubt about Mr. Lee’s spiritual sanity. He is so crazy about self-glorification.
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