mike_k_77 (mike_k_77) wrote in rsqubf,

The Thread of Gold

I recently found a book written by an older sister in the Lord who had been in the Local Church cult for over 20 years.
Her testimony is recorded in a 411-page-long book entitled "
The Thread of Gold
It is not a story of how evil cults are and that we need to be better or so... it is the life testimony of a woman seeking God and finding Him, despite of her attitude towards "God's Servants" and "The Ministry". I love this book, it is a tremendous read, written empathically, without malice or negativism.
By reading this testimony, you see the life of a person who loved God and men exploited this love, but eventually, God rewarded her love by letting Himself be found regardless of what she expected.

I will quote a few excerpts because they look just too similar to UBF.
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