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The Thread of Gold 
26th-Dec-2005 01:29 pm
I recently found a book written by an older sister in the Lord who had been in the Local Church cult for over 20 years.
Her testimony is recorded in a 411-page-long book entitled "
The Thread of Gold
It is not a story of how evil cults are and that we need to be better or so... it is the life testimony of a woman seeking God and finding Him, despite of her attitude towards "God's Servants" and "The Ministry". I love this book, it is a tremendous read, written empathically, without malice or negativism.
By reading this testimony, you see the life of a person who loved God and men exploited this love, but eventually, God rewarded her love by letting Himself be found regardless of what she expected.

I will quote a few excerpts because they look just too similar to UBF.
26th-Dec-2005 12:44 pm (UTC) - The Process of Deception

"God has helped me understand that deception occurred slowly, over time, something like the acts in a play. At the opening of the play, the characters were:
- Many young, inexperienced Christians loving Jesus, seeking to know Him more, ready to learn and follow.
- A few older, experienced Christians who were also seeking and ready to learn and follow
- A much older, experienced, extremely knowledable and gifted Bible teacher, ready to pass his knowledge
- God's enemy, Satan, the great deceiver, watching and plotting to devour these seekers

During ActI, Satan used the gifted teacher to convince the ready learners that they had a unique and special calling. He convinced them that they had found God's man on the earth who knew what was wrong with the church and how to recover it. He convinced them that the church was a round-the-clock experience, more important than anything else in life.

During ActII, God's enemy convinced the seeking Christians that they needed leaders among them to carry this out. He convinced these leaders that they had the responsibility to follow and promote God's man absolutely. He persuaded therest of the followers that it was their duty to follow and to follow well. They must follow their leaders absolutely, even if it hurt their families.
During ActIII, the leaders became convinced that the only way to fulfill the vision they had seen from the beginning was to promote to the uttermost the ministry of God's man. When someone questioned this, the faithful leaders saw this as an attack by od's enemy, who wanted to frustrate God's move on earth. They became vigilant to protect the church and the ministry of the man they had been called to follow. (...)
By the end of ActIII, Satan and his demons had finished their popcorn and were having a good laugh. They sat back and relaxed, knowing that the drama they had produced would be continually repeated by th faithful. The seekers had been rendered ineffective.
26th-Dec-2005 02:03 pm (UTC) - Another quote
"Another piece in the process of deception was the method by which we were instructed. We heard the same teachings over and over and over again. They were presented in different ways, but there were only a few main themes. It weould be untrue to say Lee never taught us different things. He did teach, at one time or another, many of the truths that have been gleaned from the Bible throughout Christian history. However, I now believe that his unbalanced repetition of certain teachings gave Satan ground to hurt us.
We learn mainly by example and repetition, not just by accurate statements frequently mentioned. Whatever we hear and see most frequently will greatly influence what we believe most deeply.
A parent may tell a child that he loves him or her a few times, butif what the child hears most of the time is condemnation and criticism, the condemning and unloving message will be what the child learns"
26th-Dec-2005 05:14 pm (UTC) - More...
"I understand now that Satan was involved in the development of my wrong belief system. Nonetheless, it was my choice to believe what I was taught and it was my choice to follow the leader's example.
Thus, ultimately, I am responsible for the ersults in my life. By showing me the bad fruit, God was able to help me realize that I had to lay the ax to the root of my entire belief system.
My wrong beliefs resulted in wrong thoughts about God, His purpose, and myself. These beliefs contained truth that was slightly altered by Satan to accomplish his purpose and bring me into his snare. The part of the belief that was true is what persuaded me and captured my thinking, causing me to overlook the error that was hidden in other parts of the belief"

"My belief about God's purpose for me governed my whole relationship with God. The basic premise was that God wanted me to give myself to accomplish His purpose and meed His need.
The premise that we need to meet God's need is false. God does not have any need. We are the ones with needs.
God, who is love, has poured out His love for us."
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