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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
endless stream of ubf reports 
28th-Dec-2005 11:14 am
Hi everyone,

In the old days of ubf, we would rarely hear anything about what is actually going on in the various chapters outside Chicago. We would only see a report written by the handpicked leader, usually without mentioning actual numbers as the numbers never grew.

Nowadays many 'reports' of "God's work" are being endlessly posted on the Chicago ubfcult website. They don't really contain anything except to show that the ubfins held another routine meeting for Christmas or whatever. And most all of them are written by ubfKoreans about ubfKoreans, meaning that ubf in the USA is still a ubfKorean organization (of course, not a healthy org).

I read the one from LA Ike Kim that said they had 350 attendants. The offering is mentioned as $13,351. That is barely $38 per attendant. What is going on over there? Can a ubf chapter really only generate that small amount of money these days? I know in Chicago that many ubfKoreans used to give like $1000 for Christmas, so how could it be so low for the number two ubfUSA chapter?

Also, UIUC ubfcult report makes special mention that at UIUC "There are 45,000 students especially pure white people in UIUC. Town was packed with 45,000 students." This is EE Chang Woo Jr's new franchise. They seem to have sent him there with a whole team of workers to do the work for him.

On the other hand, the NJ report is rife with stories about ubfKoreans, but makes barely any mention of any pure white Americans.

All the nauseating reports can be seen here


You can see how they have not changed at this wite
30th-Dec-2005 12:56 pm (UTC) - NJ Report
"All the nauseating reports can be seen here....You can see how they have not changed at this site"

I almost did not even want to look. But I decided to go ahead and look at one and I chose NJ. Yes, you see an overwhelming majority of ubfkoreans as well as outrageous prayer topics for thousands of bible teachers and also, an arranged marriage.

As you mentioned, the stories are all about ubfkoreans, but what is interesting is they are the 2ND GENs. The picture attached to the report shows 40 korean and 9 non-korean (most of whom are probably new recruits). But their prayer topic is:

"Please pray for us to raise up 7000 Bible teachers and missionaries from Rutgers and Princeton University, especially 1000 professor shepherds from Princeton for Muslim and North Korea ministry."

I wonder how many current members know the actual numbers in UBF USA's 30 year history is estimated max. 1000, of which approx. 700 are ubfkoreans and their families and approx. 200-300 non-korean)

And at the end of the report they mention an arranged marriage scheduled for New Years Day to establish a "house church":

"By God's grace, Shepherdess Mary Yoo is going to establish her house church with Missionary Barnaba Moon who came from Yuljun UBF last week. We are praying for them to have a wedding ceremony on Jan 1, 2006, 6 PM in new center after a New Year Conference. Please pray for them to be united in Christ and his mission and serve God and his world mission. "
31st-Dec-2005 06:29 am (UTC) - Actual count
For actual count see: http://www.livejournal.com/community/rsqubf/43521.html

“And by the latest actual count, the number of UBF Koreans in all of North America is less than 600 and the number of non-Koreans is, of course, considerably less than that.”

31st-Dec-2005 11:46 am (UTC) - Re: Actual count
This is a big contradiction that UBFins have to live with. On the one side, they constantly claim that numbers and "success" (measured in numbers) is the only thing that counts, it justifies any means and it is a sign that the organization is "blessed by God" and may not be criticized. The first argument you will hear from UBF defenders is they say "(many) people come to God through UBF". Also, they constantly pray about numbers. But on the other side, if you really look at the numbers, they are miserable, considered the amount of time (man hours) spent by the coworkers during 45 years. Compare these numbers with the numbers of the ICOC which were in the hundred thousands at its peek, and this in only one decade or so. But when you speak about that, UBFins resort to the "holy remnant" excuse. Then they will claim that they are holy because they are only a few which is the completely converse argumentation.

This is again what I already mentioned: They are trained to make their mind so small that only one fact or argument or teaching at a time fits into. Then they cannot see any contradictions, because they cannot compare with other facts or arguments or teachings. They don't try to have a consistent mind that checks and balances all knowledge and reality.

One day the leaders can teach they are holy and justified because UBF has grown so large, the other day they can teach they are holy because UBF stayed small. The members would not notice that there is a contradiction. This is the "only one teaching every week" method.

But overall, they are still obsessed with numbers. Lee even faked a conference picture in the newsletter to show 1/3 more attendends. Andreas told me that the Bible study and attendance numbers of Bonn UBF were largely made up as well. They even trick and deceive a lot to pretend a "success" because they think numbers and success is so important. Reminds me of the recent scandal of Mr. Hwang.
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