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endless stream of ubf reports

Hi everyone,

In the old days of ubf, we would rarely hear anything about what is actually going on in the various chapters outside Chicago. We would only see a report written by the handpicked leader, usually without mentioning actual numbers as the numbers never grew.

Nowadays many 'reports' of "God's work" are being endlessly posted on the Chicago ubfcult website. They don't really contain anything except to show that the ubfins held another routine meeting for Christmas or whatever. And most all of them are written by ubfKoreans about ubfKoreans, meaning that ubf in the USA is still a ubfKorean organization (of course, not a healthy org).

I read the one from LA Ike Kim that said they had 350 attendants. The offering is mentioned as $13,351. That is barely $38 per attendant. What is going on over there? Can a ubf chapter really only generate that small amount of money these days? I know in Chicago that many ubfKoreans used to give like $1000 for Christmas, so how could it be so low for the number two ubfUSA chapter?

Also, UIUC ubfcult report makes special mention that at UIUC "There are 45,000 students especially pure white people in UIUC. Town was packed with 45,000 students." This is EE Chang Woo Jr's new franchise. They seem to have sent him there with a whole team of workers to do the work for him.

On the other hand, the NJ report is rife with stories about ubfKoreans, but makes barely any mention of any pure white Americans.

All the nauseating reports can be seen here

You can see how they have not changed at this wite
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