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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
UBF 2nd gen’s theology 
31st-Dec-2005 10:46 am
UBF 2nd gen’s theology

...In terms of UBF being a cult, you need to answer the question of why God lets people meet Jesus through this ministry like I did, which would be impossible because I don't think I or the other numerous amount of people would've met Jesus if the church taught false doctrines. And I am growing spiritually in this ministry just like many other people are, and if this church is a cult and is an agent of Satan I don't think it'd be possible for me to have a relationship with Jesus.
THere's two conclusions we can make. 1. God must be extremely deceitful because he lets people really accept Jesus as their Savior through UBF, a cult or 2. UBF is a ministry that is really being used by God to bring people to Him. I'm pretty sure we can cross out conclusion #1 because God is a Holy God and it's just not in his character to let people repent and accept Jesus through false doctrine that condones lying, abortions, divorces etc. So therefore, #2 is correct... (Posted 9/2/2005 at 2:23 AM by Choi728)
31st-Dec-2005 05:06 pm (UTC)
Part II

Is it doing God’s will to violate human rights to help others or is it doing evil? Isn’t this what Jesus asks us in the passage? Is it ok to do evil to do God’s will? Isn’t this what Jesus asks us in the passage? Samuel Lee’s theology does answer this question but the answer is very different from Jesus’ answer. Samuel Lee will say it is ok to do evil to do God’s will. So in UBF it is ok for parents to abort a baby so that they could devote more time in recruiting college freshmen. It is ok in UBF for a wife to divorce a husband if the husband criticizes the evil things done in UBF because she is told that she is actually obeying God’s will and she is not doing any evil. There are numerous evils done in UBF to obey God’s will.

When the Israel was split into two, it was from God (1 Kings 12:22-24). Samuel Lee driven by performance for the sake of self-glorification did many evil things and many UBF leaders were trained to follow him blindly in doing evil things in the name of serving God. Since the evil things they have done could be justified only through better results, they fall into the vicious cycle of doing evil and justifying doing evil with better results. So the whole organization becomes performance-driven. The whole UBF theology is wrong because of one person Samuel Lee who fabricated false theology.

Finally, Choi728 claims that he is growing spiritually. At this point we are not sure about his spiritual growth. Maybe he meant to say that he is gradually growing blind to the truth of God and God’s will but growing blindly devoted to glorifying Samuel Lee and to the UBF’s will set up by Samuel Lee’s false teachings. It seems that Samuel Lee built up a private business organization in UBF and power structure to maintain it in UBF. A person like Choi728 is picked by UBF leaders to be trained to become a member of that power structure so that the whole UBF organizaiton is run by Samuel Lee devotees.
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