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Happy New Year to you all. Here is a link to a recent study that… 
2nd-Jan-2006 11:47 am
Happy New Year to you all.

Here is a link to a recent study that says "Sizeable Minorities [in the US] Still Believe Saddam Hussein Had Strong Links to Al Qaeda, Helped Plan 9/11 and Had Weapons of Mass Destruction":


What we can see here is that people are too quick to believe what the authorities tell them, particularly those with whom they identify (in this case, Bush voters), and the second problem is that once people started to believe something it is very hard to "unlearn" an idea they have become accustomed to and have become fond of. This is particularly true for "simple explanations". Nobody wants to hear the complex truth. Simple and black/white is much easier.
3rd-Jan-2006 06:25 pm (UTC) - At-Touba 9:11
"But (even so), if they repent, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity, they are your brethren in Faith: (thus) do We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand."

I think its rather ironic that this same verse which (in urban legend translation) is being abused to justify America's invasion of the Iraq by means of typology, in reality is talking about explanation of typology "for those who understand", and a people who aren't even willing to do a penny's worth of research regarding facts surely are not "those who understand" (or, in another translation "those of knowledge").

Ironically, the same verse quoted is dealing with a number of precious issues: repentance, sincere prayers, charity and uoderstanding.
All these issues are acceptible for Christians as well as muslims and are actually referring to "the common ground" that the two religions *should* be having, and why such people should be considered brothers of the faith.
This same verse is explaining why even those in the Arab world practising these things should not see those in the Western world as enemies, but as brothers.
The verse is calling judgment on Osama bin Laden to an extreme extent, and to Saddam Hussein as well. But it does not justify America's invasion for certain. It's much rather something that should give us food for thought why we shouldn't think "Poor American Soldiers, they are in a heathen country and suffer so much" but </i>"In that country there are also people who think the same way about morality as we should be, let's remember them also when we think of this war"</i> (not that I believe the Iraqui government held any of these).
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