human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

How UBF system changes a person

how a person is changed to become committed to the glorification of Samuel Lee

There is a very interesting testimony posted on UBF website. The author of the testimony seems to be very intelligent person. I have hardly seen such a well organized testimony during my entire stay in UBF. The testimony articulates very well how a person is changed to become a committed member of UBF. It describes very vividly what a person has to go through. The author examines almost every detail of emotional, psychological, intellectual and theological processes of how a person is changed into a committed UBF member. I think all committed UBF members went through the same process that is described in this testimony even though most of them cannot articulate as clearly as the author of the testimony. I think this testimony is a textbook of what UBF system does to turn a person into a devotee of Samuel Lee so that the person commits his/her life to protect the power structure set up to glorify Samuel Lee.
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