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How UBF system changes a person 
5th-Jan-2006 11:51 pm
how a person is changed to become committed to the glorification of Samuel Lee

There is a very interesting testimony posted on UBF website. The author of the testimony seems to be very intelligent person. I have hardly seen such a well organized testimony during my entire stay in UBF. The testimony articulates very well how a person is changed to become a committed member of UBF. It describes very vividly what a person has to go through. The author examines almost every detail of emotional, psychological, intellectual and theological processes of how a person is changed into a committed UBF member. I think all committed UBF members went through the same process that is described in this testimony even though most of them cannot articulate as clearly as the author of the testimony. I think this testimony is a textbook of what UBF system does to turn a person into a devotee of Samuel Lee so that the person commits his/her life to protect the power structure set up to glorify Samuel Lee.
6th-Jan-2006 06:05 am (UTC)
According to the testimony, the most important thing of the process seems to be I had to let go of my human understanding. The author is very intelligent so she needs to "qualify" this conclusion by saying that I began questioning everything I believed in, both humanly and spiritually. Instead of meditating purely on God’s word, I interpreted it according to my own understanding and selfish motives. I could not trust myself. But she fails to ask herself whether or not UBF is truly biblically sound system. She questions only about her being imperfect. She never asks whether or not UBF is perfect enough to ask her not to trust herself but UBF system.

Then I became torn between a sense of a “sure thing” in achieving my own happiness, and giving that control to God, which seemed less of a “sure thing. The next thing seems to be the problem of control. In UBF the idea of “my own man” is the most dangerous thing. You have to surrender your control to UBF. Otherwise you are a proud and humanistic rebel. But this is done in the name of God. The author does not further qualify the statement “giving that control to God.” Clearly giving the control to God and giving the control to UBF are very different.

My understanding of Christ was limited and powerless because I limited him to my small understanding and petty hopes, both so human and insignificant. At this point UBF determines what is significant and spiritual in the person’s life. As a practical example of this the author talks about relationship. In UBF a person marries the one the UBF system chooses. I consider this the ultimate control over one's personal life.

In doing so, he could obey God when he was asked to offer Isaac to him. In the same way, I want my motivation to be strong and unwavering, able to endure to the end, against all hope, and rising above all obstacles. UBF requires absolute obedience to its system with no questions asked. UBF requires absolute loyalty to the glorification of Samuel Lee. But this is very very different from Abraham’s absolute obedience to God. Again the author fails to ask if her obedience is to God or to UBF.

There is no doubt that the author is very intelligent and also very spiritual person. The author examines herself in a very painstaking way but to our amazement she fails to examine the UBF system with the same amount of effort. If she had to examine herself in such an arduous way, she should have asked herself how she could qualify that UBF system is sound Christian system. I do not find her effort of doing this in her great testimony. Maybe that is not her fault. Maybe it is what UBF testimony is for: to focus more on self-criticism than on system-criticism.
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