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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
7th-Jan-2006 03:47 pm
The "UBF=God" equation is really at the heart of the whole UBF calamity.

It stands short for the following beliefs:

UBF is "God's ministry"
UBF leaders are "servants of God"
UBF leaders convey the will of God to you
UBF leaders' commands to you are God's commands to you
UBF leaders' orientation is God's orientation for your life
You need to obey UBF leaders as you would obey God
Training by UBF leaders is training by God

What is "faith" in UBF? Actually it is faith in "UBF=God."

I think this problem deserves its own thread.
In the comment section I will explain more.
8th-Jan-2006 12:26 am (UTC) - Re: Isaac Kim expressed this idolatry
"First, I am afraid to say that in the name of conducting reformation, you are comitting the sin of rebelling against God who uses a visible servant like Dr. Samuel Lee."

As discussed here, Isaac Kim, one of the top leaders of UBF-USA, does not devote his time to study Bible but to glorify Samuel Lee and his false theology. I think we can safely conclude that every UBF leader does nothing but that. Maybe it might take another UBF split until they really go back to the Bible and study it seriously.
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