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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
7th-Jan-2006 03:47 pm
The "UBF=God" equation is really at the heart of the whole UBF calamity.

It stands short for the following beliefs:

UBF is "God's ministry"
UBF leaders are "servants of God"
UBF leaders convey the will of God to you
UBF leaders' commands to you are God's commands to you
UBF leaders' orientation is God's orientation for your life
You need to obey UBF leaders as you would obey God
Training by UBF leaders is training by God

What is "faith" in UBF? Actually it is faith in "UBF=God."

I think this problem deserves its own thread.
In the comment section I will explain more.
8th-Jan-2006 06:35 am (UTC) - Christians also get caught in that web.
3) Because of having been invited by UBF:

Many members have been invited by UBF when they were sitting in a desperate mood in the dormitory. Some had even just thought "if only God would interfere into my life" or things like that, when the missionaries knocked on their door.

Previously churched Christians also unfortunately get caught in this net of "having been miraculously invited by UBF." It happens too often. I've heard this in too many of their sogams. More than the unbelieving student, it's the young Christian student who is looking for a "Bible study" group to join on campus. When they meet UBF they think it's an "answer to prayer." In this way, they get sucked into a group that gradually tries to subvert the gospel that they believed before they joined UBF.
9th-Jan-2006 01:25 am (UTC) - Re: Christians also get caught in that web.
I was also desperate when I was fished in to UBF. I grew up with no friends at school and a miserable family life. The only way I survived my high school years was through the love and support of my church youth group. However, since they were a group for high school students, I was unable to stay in the group after I graduated. When I met Teddy Hembekides on the OSU campus in June 1982 and started going to 1:1 and group Bible study with him, I thought I had found a group like the church youth group. It wasn't until I had been there a year or that I began to see behind the love and concern with which I had been initially greeted. Even after beginning to see what was really going on, it took me another seven years to reach the point where I finally decided to leave for good. And, unfortunately, along the way I recruited my younger sister into the group. Thank God she left on her own a couple of years after I left permanently in June 1992.
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