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my current dealings with ubf

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the board. I miss the other one, I hope we can revive it too for the new recruits, etc. I think alot of people visited those boards, like Priscilla whose son got snookered into ubfcult at Loyola.

As you may know, I have been playing the divorce game with the ubf since January of 2002. There has been very little substantive legal action going on, just very protracted delays by the opposition at every possible turn. After more than one year of their phony promises to reconicle, in the fall of 2003 I requested a trial date, for the judge to decide how to end this mess. The other side never negotiated anything, never even responded to letters, etc. The attorney then started a 10 month delay of trying to stop the judge from deciding anything. Finally a trial was set about another ten months later. So from request in Fall of 2003, ten months of delays, then the trial decision made in Sept 04 for a June 9, 2005 trial date.

Now, I just got a cryptic fax from the opposition, and it looks like they are going to say that they are not ready for a trial. (the judge already stated there is really no reason to even have a trial) The excuse by the opposition is that they had several expert witnesses who had been available for the date, but now they are not going to be available. And this is the first mention of their expert witnesses.

This is just one example of what these people are about. I have numerous letters from them that contradict each other, or are totally in conflict with the evidence I have collected. They have no problem submitting to the court sworn statements with false information. They have no problem flaunting the process. They have no problem with anything they do.

The attorney showed up in court one day demanding that I pay his fees, at $250 per hour for the last 3 years. I ask for a copy of his bills and retainer contract, etc. He provided nothing. The next meeting he shows up and says he has only been paid 5 or 6 thousand the last 3 years. Now a new sworn statement says he has only been paid $2500. And he backdated the statement by three weeks because he failed to respond in time. Backdating a legal document is illegal in Illinois and most places.

In the meantime, Yvonne had applied for graduate school at NLU touting her incredible accomplishments in ubf. She says that in 2001 the ubf awarded her a Gold Medal of Honor for her service to ubf, claiming she wrote a book of 100 children's Bible stories and lessons that is being used in 12 countries and will be put in print. And she has written another book that will soon go into print for the Spring of 2004. And strangely, her name is not appearing in ubf messages or mission reports anymore like it always used to.

Whenever she applies to a normal place like Chicago Public Schools, National Lewis University, and for her home loan, she states that she has been a ubf employee since 1993. But in all her court documents, she says she was a stay-at-home slave who only did things for ubf once in a while. And just for being so incredible, the ubf provided her with support for the last 3.5 years, but it has nothing to do with her 'employment'.

I am hoping the judge will put an end to this charade. I am eager to begin a new normal phase of life. Please pray for the children, the real victims of the ubf cult. If anyone has any ideas or is willing to help with the case, pls. let me know. God bless.
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