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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Is he really a Christian? 
7th-Jan-2006 06:47 pm
Isaac Kim's letter to the Reformers

After I have read Isaac Kim's letter, I could not but ask this: Is he really a Christian who worships God or a cult maniac who whoships Samuel Lee? I am not sure if he really knows the full implication of what he is talking about. I think not. If he is one of the top leaders in UBF-USA, then his mindset might represent very well the mindset of average UBFKorean leaders. I think Joe is right when he said that no one can grow spiritually in UBF environment. Anyway I wanted to post Isaac Kim's letter in its entirety for open discussion of the mindset of UBFKorean leaders. To see his letter click on comments.
8th-Jan-2006 09:46 am (UTC)
By the way, this was at least one positive result of the reform movement: That the true beliefs and degree of Confucianism of the 2nd level leadership in UBF was clearly revealed. Even if the reform movement failed in changing UBF or creating a really better alternative (since the reform leaders themselves were too UBFish and Confucian), at least it revealed the spirit of the top and 2nd level leadership so cleary.

Even if all allegations and claims made by reformers and critics would be wrong; the reaction of the leaders to these allegations was enough to reveal that UBF is an unhealthy cult. It was enough for me to recognize that my chapter leader was a a cult leader. I did not really know him during 10 years, but his reaction on reform opened my eyes about how he really thinks. That was so shocking and disappointing for me. On the other side, the top leadership thought that his behavior was so exemplary that they made him the Europe leader. I always believed I had lived in one of the better UBF chapters, but the opposite was the case. Without the reform, that would not have been revealed.

I think current UBF members cannot get such an understanding of the real mindset of their chapter leaders as long as everything runs smoothly. You have to challenge them, ask them tough questions. Only then they will reveal their real thoughts as in the above letter by Isaac Kim.
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