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Is he really a Christian? 
7th-Jan-2006 06:47 pm
Isaac Kim's letter to the Reformers

After I have read Isaac Kim's letter, I could not but ask this: Is he really a Christian who worships God or a cult maniac who whoships Samuel Lee? I am not sure if he really knows the full implication of what he is talking about. I think not. If he is one of the top leaders in UBF-USA, then his mindset might represent very well the mindset of average UBFKorean leaders. I think Joe is right when he said that no one can grow spiritually in UBF environment. Anyway I wanted to post Isaac Kim's letter in its entirety for open discussion of the mindset of UBFKorean leaders. To see his letter click on comments.
8th-Jan-2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
Another quote from the letter: "All I mean is that we must learn to respect the servants of God whom God put over and above us, to supervise us, and to ensure that we walk in the right paths."

The question is here: Who supervised Samuel Lee and made sure that he walked in the right path? Nobody. This is the fault auf the UBF system. They suppose all ordinary Christians/members need supervision, only the top leader doesn't need any supervision. This teaching is so wrong and dangerous. It is also known under the name of "covering doctrine" (http://www.ptmin.org/covering_sample.htm). Though some UBF defenders denied that UBF teaches covering, this is not true. UBF theology is to a large extend covering doctrine.

Another question: Who said that Christian leaders should be "over and above" the others? It is not the teaching of Jesus. Over and above every Christian, there is only the head, Jesus. Of course Christians should respect and usually obey leaders and shepherds (in things which fall into their realm of authority), but this does not mean leaders are "over and above" the Christian. Even Peter did not consider himself "over and above" the other shepherds, but he considered himself a "fellow" elder only.
8th-Jan-2006 07:04 pm (UTC)
All I mean is that we must learn to respect the servants of God whom God put over and above us, to supervise us, and to ensure that we walk in the right paths.

Good point. Didn't Jesus say somewhere in the Bible that his disciples are supposed to "serve"? Then what does Isaac Kim mean by "supervise us"? Is Samuel Lee his boss or a servant of God? I am very interested in the following phrases: "over and above us", "supervise us", "ensure that we walk in the right paths". What kind of human being is Samuel Lee that he deserves such phrases as these from another fellow human being? To me personally, these phrases are very close to the definition of God. I think Isaac Kim does not know what he is talking about here. What does he exactly mean by "over and above us"? What kind of human being is Samuel Lee that he is "over and above" any other human beings? What does he mean that Samuel Lee is the one who could/can ensure that "we" walk in the right paths? Is it because Samuel Lee shed his blood on the cross to forgive our sins? Is this what Isaac Kim is trying to imply? Is that why tryng to hold Samuel Lee accountable is the same as trying to hold God accountable?

I now have this serious question: What is the exact status of Samuel Lee and his theology in UBF? Based on what Isaac Kim wrote here, Samuel Lee was/is over and above Isaac Kim. Samuel Lee was/is his supervisor. Samuel Lee could/can ensure that every UBF member walks in the right paths. But Isaac Kim is not bothered by the fact that the right paths are determined by Samuel Lee and his theology which does not have any sound theological certainty. Therefore it becomes a natural conclusion that Isaac Kim obeys and worships Samuel Lee. Any Christian who elevates any other human being to this kind of status given to Samuel Lee in UBF has committed a spiritual adultery. That is the spiritual sin of Isaac Kim and the spiritual sin of UBFKorean leaders.

UBFKorean leaders obey and worship Samuel Lee and his theology. They are not the servants of God. But they are the servants of Samuel Lee who have made the decision of faith(?) to devote their lives to preserve Samuel Lee's power structure and spread his theology among young college students.
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