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Is he really a Christian? 
7th-Jan-2006 06:47 pm
Isaac Kim's letter to the Reformers

After I have read Isaac Kim's letter, I could not but ask this: Is he really a Christian who worships God or a cult maniac who whoships Samuel Lee? I am not sure if he really knows the full implication of what he is talking about. I think not. If he is one of the top leaders in UBF-USA, then his mindset might represent very well the mindset of average UBFKorean leaders. I think Joe is right when he said that no one can grow spiritually in UBF environment. Anyway I wanted to post Isaac Kim's letter in its entirety for open discussion of the mindset of UBFKorean leaders. To see his letter click on comments.
12th-Jan-2006 01:52 am (UTC)
Isaac Kim's letter only works for people who believe that UBF=God, which is discussed in the previous thread. UBF members who believe that UBF = God will agree with Isaac Kim that criticizing Samuel Lee is equal to rebelling against God. Anyone remaining in UBF could only respond with a tearful, repentant twenty page testimony in which he or she repented for questioning God's servant, Samuel Lee

However, after leaving UBF Isaac Kim's argument has no value. Kim appears to be replacing God with Samuel Lee. Kim's only purpose is to exalt Samuel Lee.

In general, UBF leaders' arguments only seem to work on people who have been indoctrinated to believe that UBF = God. UBF leaders, also being indoctrinated, only know how to discuss with a built in assumption that UBF = God. That explains why UBF defenders alwayts fall back to flawed arguments that if God works in UBF, then criticizing UBF comes from Satan. That is all they know. Anyone outside of UBF who spent time reading UBF messages and testimonies and/or listening to UBF members would realize that UBF members equate UBF with God.

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