nick__t (nick__t) wrote in rsqubf,

the money machine at ubf

Hi again,

The ubf is presenting itself as a bunch of people who doing the greatest work on earth, at no cost, even paying all the costs themselves or from miraculous monies from heaven. I know it is hard to get at their finances, but I think we need to make some effort to collect financial information. Just the fact that ubf is collecting huge amounts of money can discredit everything they are doing. They are not doing anything out of the goodness of faith, they are doing it all with a keen eye for a long term profit motive.

For example, there is a clear ubf pattern to recruit students, get them locked into the ubf through marriage, then collect monies form the family untill hell freezes over. That has been the ubf model since the beginning.

Now there are many Christian groups that do things where there is no revenue coming in. For example, prison ministry cannot possibly take money from prisoners. Also, a ministry to the underfed also cannot hope to collect offerings from hungry children. Yet this is what many unnamed groups are doing. They receive support from normal churches and normal individuals. They serve in good faith knowing that there is no money from the sheeps.

I think we can try to start the size of ubf over the decades, and try to estimate how much they collected. 10% of the normal wage for 1,000 ubfKoreans, etc, and then we have an approximate annual working income of the ubf money machine. Then from there we can describe how ubf used money to buy houses, pay tuition, cars, trips, cash, etc.
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