pecowas (pecowas) wrote in rsqubf,

The Mature UBF Christian

When analyzing what UBF deems to be the mature Christian, it is opposite of a Biblically-based mature Christian. In fact, what UBF defines as a mature Christian is actually an immature Christian.

1. The Bible clearly reveals that mature Christians question leaders' actions. In Galatians, Paul opposed Peter, Christ's appointed leader of the church, for separating himself from the Gentile Christians. Paul rebuked Peter for favoring the Jewish Christians. Further, the Bereans were praised for checking every word that Paul preached with the scriptures.

UBF defines mature Christians as those who absolutely obey the leaders. Those who do not question the leaders' word, actions, and directions are the mature Christians. Those who ask questions, who require the leaders to provide scriptural basis for their words and actions, and who dare to oppose the leaders are considered to be spiritually immature. UBF leaders will refer to them as spiritually young, proud, selfish Christians who need training. One senior shepherd rebuked me for asking UBF missionary to show me scripture on which to base her rebuke of me. This senior shepherd actually said to me that I was "an unspiritual man" for asking the UBF missionary to have a scripture on which to base her rebuke of me. He said that the "spiritual man" would accept the rebuke without question.

2. The Bible also reveals that mature Christians listen to their members complaints and take them seriously. In Acts, the Greek Christians complained that their widows were receiving less food than the Jewish Christian widows. The disciples responded by appointed a seven person committee to oversee the distribution of food to widows.

UBF teaches that mature Christians do not listen to their members complaints. Anytime members register complaints about UBF leaders it is by definition an example of pride, unthankfulness, and selfishness. In my last year in UBF, I registered complaints about not being treated fairly to my director. He responded by stating that any complaint I have is "my problem," because he could not possibly have treated me unfairly.

3. The Bible reveals that mature Christians should not permit themselves to be oppressed by legalistic Christians leaders who want to impose man-made laws upon the church. Paul wrote that Christians should not allow "super-apostles" to put Christians under the law when we have the privilege to live under the grace of Jesus Christ.

UBF teaches that mature Christians allow themselves to have UBF leaders impose man-made legalistic laws upon them. UBF considers Christians to be mature if they have an absolute attitude toward writing and sharing a testimony every week, attending conferences throughout the year, coming to prayer meetings everyday, and having a certain number of one-to-one Bible studies every week. Further, in UBF, the mature Christian allows themselves to be trained arbitrarily by the leaders. In UBF it is considered an example of immaturity to state that writing a testimony every week is not necessary or that the leaders' made-up training is not necessary.

UBF's definition of a mature Christian is completely opposite of the Bible's definition a mature Christian.
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