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Jon man missionaries by the year 2020

I just read in a German Christian newspaper that there was a conference of the Korean union for mission in Seoul where they said that Korea wants to send out 1,000,000 missionaries until the year 2020. Timeframe and number reminded me a lot of UBF. Only that UBF wants to do it alone.

But it's the same attitude that people do not simply do their best and let God decide about numbers, but they set up their own numbers and God must follow these numbers - usually very high numbers which are something special in the Korean culture, like 10,000 (man) or 1,000,000 (jon man). And they set the time frame very high so that those who proclaimed these numbers will be out of office by then or the claim is forgotten after so much time. There had been similar claims by UBF for the year 2000 (and by the way, also by Bill Bright of CCC).

Quoting Sarah Barry in the beginning of the 1990's: "God answers prayer, so let's pray ... that God raise up 10,000 Bible teachers for America, and send out American missionaries to the ends of the earth--to 187 countries of the world by the year 2,000". Do you remember? Nothing of this was fulfilled. So what sense have these number prayer topics except creating pressure, excitement and void "vision"? In the end, the letdown is great, but they simply go on, simply increase the numbers to phantastic dimensions, increase the time frames so nobdoy can check any more...

And, I think even for all Korean missions together, the number of 1,000,000 is set up much too high. The article says that currently, only 11,000 Koreans are engaging in world mission. Only 26% of the Koreans are Christians, 26% are Buddhist and 46% without confession. So in reality they have a lot of work in their own country. Plus, the Korean Christianity is in a very desparate state. It looks big and exciting from outside, but inside it is full of corruption, doctrinal errors, man-made authoritarism and legalism, and false teaching like Yonggi Cho. All the problems of UBF exist in most Korean churches as well, albeit less extreme. The real task for the Korean church is to christianize their own country. Instead, they want to export their flawed teachings to other countries.
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