the_linotypist (the_linotypist) wrote in rsqubf,

Another UBFer With Literary Pretensions?

While I was surfing this weekend, I saw a book called VICTORIOUS GRACE, by Dany Hembikides (sp?). I know there's a Teddy H. who is a mover and shaker with a UBF chapter at Triton, and since the name is not all that common, I am wondering what connection there is, if any. I was looking at the page for CROSSING THE RED SEA, Andrew Martin's autobiography, and that was one of the books that popped up at the bottom of the screen. (I did see that Andrew has padded his Reader's Reviews with compliments from UBFers, including himself. "Michael A. Martin" is his birth name, BTW.)

Any idea about VICTORIOUS GRACE and its UBF connection?
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