hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Christians should be impartial

James 3 says that the wisdom that comes from heaven is impartial. However, I have never in my life met people more partial and biased than UBF people. If there is a conflict between a UBF outsider (parent) and a member, between a UBF "sheep" and a "shepherd", between a Korean and a Non-Korean, between a missionary and a chapter leader, between a reformer and a non-reformer, guess on whose side UBF always is? Amy's testimony is a good example of this spirit of partiality in UBF. I noticed this partiality and bias also in other cultish groups such as "Greater Grace" or "Kwazizabantu". It seems to be one hallmark of cults.

In UBF, you must always toe the "party line". Loyalty is considered a higher virtue than truthfulness. In UBF, being impartial means being unloyal, means being unbiblical.

But in reality, being impartial is biblical, is the wisdom that comes from heaven.

Unfortunately, UBF members consider the "wisdom" that comes from Samuel Lee higher than the wisdom that comes from heaven.

Did you also observe that UBF is particularly biased, that they can't deal with questions in an impartial and objective way?
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