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Recommended Reading 
21st-Jan-2006 04:59 pm
A typical cliche of UBF defenders (and other cult members) when it comes to criticize their leaders ist "Don't judge." I heared it so often in the time of the reform movement (and of course, mostly with a judgemental undertone ;-). The following article is one of the best answers to that objection "Don't judge."

The cult of “Do not Judge”

It says that in such cults people are not being taught to think, instead they are taught what to think. I think that is a very good summary of what makes UBF problematic; a place where you (after a certain point) will not grow as a Christian any more, but only degrade.
23rd-Jan-2006 12:51 pm (UTC)
This part caught my eye:

"...So we judge not only every day, but throughout the day. You can't help but judge! All these things mentioned do not necessarily have an affect on your spiritual life. But the things that actually can affect your spiritual life people are saying, “don't judge.” If ever a lie of the Devil was told this was it. When the Devil tempted Eve he hoped that she would not judge what he was saying with what God had already spoke. During the conversation (Gen.3) she began to challenge him by the word of God but he responded by bringing doubt on God's word, saying “has God said?” By the time he was finished she believed the Devil over what God said. She didn't judge, and instead she and Adam were judged!"
23rd-Jan-2006 04:13 pm (UTC)
It says that in such cults people are not being taught to think, instead they are taught what to think.

This very well describes UBF Bible study and UBF divine(?) discipline. UBF tears down one's thinking by claiming that one must not depend on human thinkg to study the Bible but simply accept the word of God. It is true that we should simply trust the word of God and obey it. But UBF turns this simple principle around and imposes UBF theology on the person instead of the truth of God to control what one must think. UBF Bible study aims to strengthen UBF power structure set by Samuel Lee and the excessive glorification of Samuel Lee which is at the level of deifying Samuel Lee in UBF.

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