human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF, an enemy of God

The following is an excerpt from the UK UBF report by Paul Ridge. We see clearly in this report that UBF is an enemy of God. We also see that UBF theology turns a person into an agent of Satan. UBF theology demonized the any church of Jesus.

Our key verse this year was from Acts 19:9 about Paul’s daily discussions in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. Our hope was to grow in a serious study of the Bible and concentrate on disciple making. Looking back the reason Paul began this was because of Satan’s attack. As Acts 19:9 says ‘Some of them became obstinate; they refused to believe and publicly maligned the way’ (Acts 19:9).

This year Satan has worked in this way and hindered the commitment of some students who stopped study. Stuart, after 3.5 years of Bible study, of finding a faith and of common life, decided to move to another church. Undoubtedly this was painful. But people come and go. We recognise that the commitment of the ministry can be high and that it is not for all. Yet even in this we thank God that Stuart came to faith and has grown as a disciple of Christ.

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