hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

The three dimensions of reconciliation: truth, justice, forgiveness

Please have a look on the website of the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism (www.mission2005.org) which is just taking place in Athens. There you will find a good article titled "The three dimensions of reconciliation: truth, justice, forgiveness". I think it is a good answer to rsqnonny's question "Is reconciliation with UBF possible? Is it desirable?" on May 3rd. Yes, reconciliation is possible and desirable. But it is only possible and desirable in its three dimensions: truth, justice and forgiveness. Currently, UBF doesn't seem to be interested in truth and justice, that's the problem.

The article says that reconciliation "reveals the heart of the gospel," but the "language of reconciliation is often unclear" and it has sometimes been "manipulated and distorted to serve other ends." The following sentence from the article summarizes our status quo so well:

But it is the work towards forgiveness which proves to be the most difficult. Since "it means repentance and conversion on the part of those who have done wrong, acknowledging the wrongdoing and taking the steps to approach the victim in order to apologize and make reparation", the task often remains incomplete.
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