Joe Chung (chungjoe) wrote in rsqubf,
Joe Chung

"The Discipleship Game" - Rules taught by men

This is a continuation of my reading of the book "Twisted Scripture" by Mary Alice Chrnalogar. Still in chapter 1, the author reveals one of the first twists of Scripture by abusive disciplers ("shepherds" in UBF): the subtle expansion of the biblical definition of sin. We've seen this plenty in UBF. For example, UBF sermons have proclaimed that students missing meetings or Bible study appointments for any reason is a grave sin. Missing the UBF Sunday meeting for any reason is equated with "breaking the Sabbath." They invent their own sinner categories such as "the slippery sheep." (Hint for UBF recruiters: They're not "slippery;" they're just avoiding you and your constant pressuring.)

(Continues in the comments to this post)
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