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Somebody's Not Seeing the Hook in the Bait 
7th-Feb-2006 11:53 am
Periodically, I go to the home page set up by the Cincinnati chapter of UBF (http://www.cincinnatiubf.org) to check up on people I knew and whenever I begin to miss Cincinnati. I was reading the Key Verses for '06 that were posted there in Microsoft.

One really rattled me--and I don't rattle easily. A newbie there posted in her Key Verse (sorry, I forgot to jot down the name before I logged on here) about how enthralled she was to be at UBF. She said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that she never dreamed that she could learn so much about the Bible and the Christian life outside of a seminary. "And it's free, too!"

She must still be at the love-bombing stage. Thoughts?
7th-Feb-2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
never dreamed that she could learn so much about the Bible and the Christian life outside of a seminary. "And it's free, too!"

Well, it's not exactly free, is it? A seminary is not going to extract "first fruit offerings," monthly tithes and special offerings under compulsion for years and maybe decades. A seminary wants tuition for 2-4 years (?) and might give you a scholarship or grant, and as an added bonus they probably won't steep you in patently false teachings or try to arrange your marriage.
7th-Feb-2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
As soon as they're sure she really likes it there and wants to commit, she'll be entered into the "non-stop obligations" phase. Then it starts to get miserable.
8th-Feb-2006 01:56 am (UTC) - Seeds For Abuse Planted
Upon reading the key verse testimony of the new recruit, Laura, I found an excerpt from her testimony that reveal the beginning stages of abuse and deception by Laura's shepherd, Esther.


"My limited perception and knowledge of the bible began to increase and I began to become convicted of Gods promises from the Old Testament rather than just the New Testament. I soon learned that my time with him before consisted of him pursuing and fighting for me but now I had to learn to pursue him and fight as well which is much of what the Old Testament is about. I began to learn how to really depend on prayer, dig and search for meaning in Gods word with an understanding that was not my own, but claiming it as mine and storing it in my heart."

Esther teaches Laura the works-based doctrine. Laura admits that Christ pursued and fought for her. However, in UBF Christ is not enough. In UBF, Laura has to fight and pursue God. Laura has to work instead of allowing God to work. UBF misapplies the main point of the work in the Old Testament. The Old Testament reveals clearly that people fail in their efforts to fight for and pursue God. Everyone falls short of the glory of God. Therefore, we need Christ to pursue us and fight for us. Esther deceived Laura by convincing Laura that she has to depend on her own works rather than Christ. Esther turned Laura away from depending on Christ alone and teaches her to depend on prayer and Bible study. Prayer and Bible study are blessings from God which enhance our relationship with Christ. Instead, Esther teaches Laura to replace Christ with prayer and Bible study. This allows Esther to impose UBF's twisted version of prayer and Bible study upon Laura as a necessity to grow in Christ.

9th-Feb-2006 01:57 am (UTC) - More Seeds For Abuse Planted
The following is a continuation of my previous post in which I discussed Laura's 2006 key-verse testimony. The following excerpt's from Laura's testimony reveal more examples of the tactics UBF uses to twists scriptures for the purpose of controlling and abusing recruits.


"She told me later that before we had met she had been praying to God and walking around all day with a sore leg but would not give up because she was determined to meet me."


If Esther is a typical UBF Korean, this is a distortion of the truth. UBF Koreans spend many hours on campus recruiting students because they are obsessed with numbers goals regarding the number of 1:1 Bible studies they have each week. They hope that if they invite enough people someone will agree to Bible study, which allows the Koreans to have a recruit to boast about during testimony sharing and prayer meetings. Had she met her quota earlier, she would have left campus without any concern for Laura.

Esther’s mentioning that she recruited Laura after a long day of walking around the campus on sore feet will be used against Laura in the future. When Laura questions Esther’s direction or does not want to obey Esther, Laura will be reminded of what a great woman of God Esther is because she spent are day searching for her. Laura will be rebuked for being unthankful, proud, unspiritual, and selfish. In addition, Laura will be required to write similar praise for Esther in all of her testimonies or more rebukes of unthankfulness will come from Esther and other leaders.


"We began studying Genesis and I began to see things in the bible that I had not noticed before. I felt like I was discovering the bible for the first time and claming more of it in its entirety rather than what I had originally comprehended."


After studying with a UBF Korean, most of us who were recruited to UBF see things in the Bible that we had not noticed before. This is because UBF Koreans misinterpret the scriptures to deceive recruits. Unfortunately, the new discoveries and comprehensions Laura wrote about are not deeper Biblical principles or truths. Instead, they are attempts by UBF to twisted scriptures in an effort to teach their false doctrine. Laura already mentioned that Esther’s Old Testament studies are teaching Laura to attempt to fight for Christ rather than following Christ teachings which clearly teach us to stop fighting ourselves and allow Christ to fight for us.


"I could also see more how I wanted to really appreciate and live the life that god has given me. I felt so blessed because of Missionary Esther’s translating the bible for me in parts where I didn’t know what it was saying. God’s gift to me was so special that he would send this woman to me and I did not want to let go. I felt as if God was performing surgery on me through his word and through the Holy Spirit."


“Surgery” is a buzz word used in UBF frequently. I remember reading a message in which Samuel Lee used the phrase “spiritual surgery.” It is true that Bible study in UBF is spiritual surgery for recruits. Unfortunately, the “spiritual doctors” performing the “spiritual surgery” make their “patients” twice as bad as before the “surgery.” Esther is taking all of the positive teachings Laura learned from her previous church and replacing them with UBF’s false teachings.

Note: My comments are not met to be against Laura. She is just like the rest of us who were deceived by UBF Bible teachers. I pray God will reveal the truth to Laura about UBF send her to a good church centered on Christ.
9th-Feb-2006 02:29 pm (UTC) - Re: More Seeds For Abuse Planted
I felt so blessed because of Missionary Esther’s translating the bible for me in parts where I didn’t know what it was saying. God’s gift to me was so special that he would send this woman to me and I did not want to let go.

She really has begun to lose sight of what God's gift (grace) is. It looks like another case of a previously churched Christian starting to believe another gospel in UBF.

She also mentions that she moved into a UBF living arrangement in which she pays rent to the chapter director. This is all so typical.
10th-Feb-2006 12:28 pm (UTC)
One really rattled me--and I don't rattle easily.


Do you remember hearing sogams similar to hers when you were in that UBF chapter?
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